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 WELCOME WELCOME Welcome to the 2023 World ATM Directory & ANSP Report in our special 25th Anniversary year. The publication consists of four sections. Introduction A look back statistically at 2022. Insights and data are provided by CANSO using data from AIREON space based ADS-B. ANSP Directory A concise directory of ANSP’s CAAs and authorities worldwide. Tender Information Service A list of all the calls for tender published on ATCNetwork throughout 2022. Supplier Listings Details of Suppliers and Products from the ATC/ATM Industry. CONTENTS 04 INTRODUCTION 06 ANSP DIRECTORY  Editorial Team ATC Network Chris Wade Vicky Janse Javier Seisdedos Aino Essers Design Sander van Geest We Focus BV 29 46 TENDER INFORMATION SERVICE SUPPLIER LISTINGS WELCOME & CONTENTS 3 

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