Page 44 - World ATM Directory & ANSP Report 2023
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   DATE COUNTRY 27-Sep USA 18-Oct USA 01-Nov USA 15-Nov USA 22-Nov USA 29-Nov USA 29-Nov Panama 08-Dec USA 08-Dec USA 19-Dec USA DATE COUNTRY 17-Aug Brazil 13-Sep Bolivia 21-Sep Argentina TENDER DESCRIPTION EPICS II Market Survey for Radio Frequency SES Service Support RFI for Surface Movement Radar Replacement Subscription to Splunk Cloud Platform Market Survey for NAVTAC RFI for Multi-Band Multifunction Tactical Radar System Multiservice Network Expansion, Telecommunication Equipment & Network Management New Inter-Atoll Air Traffic Control Tower and Terminal Facility Glideslope Antennas Market Survey Design, Fabrication and Delivery of Slatwall/Consoles for ATC Tower SOUTH AMERICA TENDER DESCRIPTION Telecommunications Supervision of the Third Integrated Center for Air Defense and ATC AWOS III System Maintenance Vaisala AWOS System  04-Oct USA Technical and Engineering Services for MD Systems 01-Nov USA Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Operation Program 08-Nov USA NASA Digital Information Platform Sub-Project 22-Nov USA RFI for Air Traffic Control Voice Communications Switch (VCS) 22-Nov USA ATC Tower Data and Communications Equipment 29-Nov USA National Airspace System A/G Protocol Converter (APC) System 08-Dec USA RFI for C-5 Communication Navigation System and Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) SATCOM 08-Dec USA New ATC Tower Marine Corps 08-Dec USA Acquisition of Incandescent Tungsten - Halogen Lamps Market Survey      08-Aug Brazil Calibration and Measurement of Equipment EPTA Station Provider 29-Aug Venezuela Radiocommunications Equipment for Aeronautical Search and Rescue Activities 13-Sep Argentina Provision of Satellite and Terrestrial Links 44 WORLD ATM DIRECTORY & ANSP REPORT 2023 

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