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  ACR +46 84404900 @ACR_Sweden
Östermalmsgatan 87E 114 59 Stockholm Sweden
ACR is a fully privately owned, SES-certified ANSP that provides tailor-made and cost efficient ANS (ATC /AFIS) to airports of all sizes. Based on the business concept to operate Terminal ANS (TANS) with an organization that is lean and focused on the TANS market, ACR has been able to reduce the ANS costs for the 16 airports it operates today with between 30 and 50% (compared to the 2010 baseline), while safety standards remained untouched and the customer focus reportedly increased.
Rooted in the regulatory framework of the Single European Sky, which is encouraging competition within the ECAA and the aim to increase cost-transparency, foster innovation and reduce the overall system cost, ACR is now approaching the European market and seeking new cooperation partners- and models to establish a cost-efficient European TANS Provider that is helping particularly this airport segment, that today remains unaffected by the Performance Regulations and suffers from an absence of competition.
In addition, ACR is helping airports to determine the ideal volume and type of ANS provision required to optimally serve the needs of the specific unit. This in order to understand how ANS can optimally be deployed at the unit (AFIS or ATC or mixed mode).
ACR’s core focus lies on the lean, safe and efficient provision of Terminal ANS (TWR/APP) for airports or in cooperation with partner ANSP. ACR has successfully conducted more transitions from incumbent Providers than any other Service Provider and - through these processes - has gained unique experience in assessing the needs of an operational unit from a human resource (staff) and a technical perspective (ATM system /CNS).
How to achieve full compliance with the regulatory requirements, state-of-the-art safety processes and at the same time assuring optimal cost-efficiency forms the Business DNA of ACR. Through our subsidiary in Switzerland (ACR Switzerland) and our partners within ACR International, we provide customers with a wide spectrum of ANS and as well CNS related consultancy services. These services range from ‘operational due diligence’ processes, training support and procurement advise to support with the establishment of safety processes and management (to name just a few).
Instead of offering a static ‘service portfolio’, our customer engagement approach is based on establishing a common understanding with our customers regarding their real needs, as “one size usually doesn’t fit all”. As an agile and lean private actor in a landscape largely populated by administrative-heavy governmental owned entities, we are free to conduct business and form partnerships as we see fit in order to obtain the best service for the customers. Contact us for further information!

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