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42 Solutions is a software solutions provider passionate about finding the ultimate solution to the challenges you face. We have a solid track record in civil and military air traf- fic management. We are a tech company with a focus on people: employees, clients, and partners.
Our range of products is offered with adaptation and inte- gration services to tailor the products to your operational needs. This way, we focus on building a profound under- standing of your challenges and with our agility can seek solutions with rapid prototyping.
Merlin - Multi-purpose ATM Platform. Merlin is a fully in- dependent Air Traffic Management solution for ANSPs who need a reliable primary, fall-back or contingency solution. Merlin has been developed in accordance with applicable safety regulations and provides a field-proven solution for continuous operations with a highly configurable system environment. Merlin’s robust system design allows it to be tailored to your operational needs and procedures, whether this is for small general aviation airfields, flight information centers or bigger hubs. Merlin can as such be programmed as a flight information display, ADS-B based situational awareness tool or even a full scale automated ATM architec- ture. The Total Cost of Ownership of Merlin is highly com- petitive and does not carry hidden costs. We support your business case and provide you with the service and adapta- tion that will allow your organisation to maximise its opera- tional capabilities.
Sparrow - Integrated UAV Threat Mitigation. Sparrow is a multisensor situational awareness solution that assesses drone incursions and helps mitigate their disrupting effects on operations at airports, military airfields and other criti- cal infrastructures. Sparrow is a modular environment that serves all stakeholders by offering them the information to respond instantly to disruptions generated by non-cooper-
ative UAV/UAS. Sparrow assesses threats using configured sensitive areas and UTM and ATM data. The system then shares this real-time situational awareness with all stake- holders including ATC, law enforcement and security forces. Sparrow is also a unique testbed for sensor suppliers or op- erators wishing to evaluate and validate their Counter- UAS solution.
Transcriber - Versatile Record and Replay. The Transcriber is a scalable and versatile record and replay system that can record any stream or message-oriented data source. It is particularly useful for storing historic radar, flight data and tracker data. The Transcriber has been developed as a re- placement unit for the EUROCONTROL RRR system which has reached end-of-life. Its design allows the Transcriber to be extended with modules to implement audio and off- screen video recordings. The Transcriber can transparently record any (raw) data source regardless of its format from the network. It is actively deployed to record over 3 years of data with over 50 simultaneous radar, track and flight data sources. The Transcriber recordings can readily be used for radar analysis and tracker tuning. It is an ideal source for search and rescue operations (instantaneous replay) and accident/incident investigations.
Services (ARTAS, SDDS). If your organisation uses, or would like to deploy, EUROCONTROL products like ARTAS or SDDS, then 42 Solutions is your support services partner. ARTAS, the ATM Surveillance Tracker and Server, is deployed in over 30 civil and military centres. One of the largest con- figurations, with over 45 radars, has been deployed, integrat- ed, configured, tuned and maintained by 42 Solutions. SDDS, the Surveillance Data Distribution System, can be used to build a versatile ATM network of sensors as well as flight data nodes in compliance with the EC Interoperability Reg- ulations. We actively support and maintain deployments of ARTAS and SDDS and can support your environment as well.

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