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   Aerobits Konrad Cioch
+48 500501305
Ul. Przestrzenna 11 70-800
The original concept of building micro avionics was born in early 2015 which lead in 2017 to formally founding Aerobits, after 2 years of extensive work on miniaturizing ADS-B systems and careful
selection of technologies that can be used to create systems for airspace surveillance. This lead to obtaining our first patent for processor and FPGA in the loop fusion, which now creates the
basis of all Aerobits systems. The OEM module with an area of only <4cm2 and weighing 1.5g, to this day is the smallest ADS-B / GNSS fusion in the world, now also extended with FLARM functionality. Since the start, Aerobits always stood at the forefront of cutting
edge technologies which can be used to ease the safe integration of UAS into non-segregated airspace. Our current portfolio of products includes OEM series for own implementations, Plug&Play devices
and a vast range of bespoke project realized for individual customers around the world. With the recent progression in the area of UTM and U-Space projects, Aerobits has been selected to take part in providing the key technological solutions to complete current developments of such systems in Europe. Our recent partnership with Droniq GmbH, a DFS and Deutsche Telekom company, is the confirmation of trust companies put in our solutions.
Aerobits core competences are design and manufacturing of Micro Avionics based on ADS-B technologies. Due to recent global developments in the area of UAVs, this is now fused with other technologies such as: GNSS, LTE, FLARM and WiFi/Bluetooth. This allows Aerobits to be technologically ahead competition and rapidly grow customer base. OEM product ranges include Multi-Core and Single-Core system for use with either UAS or Ground Based System for airspace monitoring. The OEM technology is used across Aerobits Plug&Play devices which include: AERO ADS-B receiver (Mavlink compatible), TR-1W ADS-B transceiver and TR-1F GNSS and ADS-B / FLARM transceiver. Aerobits in partnership with Droniq GmbH has build UAV tracking and e-identifiaction device as part of the strategy to introduce an European standard. This module consists of: Cat1
LTE modem, FLARM transceiver, ADS-B receiver 9DIMU and pressure sensor. It is to most comprehensive and compact UAV tracking device currently available on the market. Droniq is already offering this so called “Hook-on-device” in a package with UTM license giving access to relevant unmanned and manned live air traffic in Germany. As part of ongoing development. In Q2 Aerobits will introduce to the market
GA range of product fully integrated with SkyDemon to support light aviation. Product plans for the remainder of 2020 incl. MODE-S transponder for UAS, 5W ADS-B transceiver as well as development of the UAT system to enter US market. If you have a project in mind, and you can not find the right partner, contact us and we will find a solution for you.

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