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Established in 1987, Adacel is a publicly traded company that plays a significant role in global air space safety. A world-leader in its industry, Adacel applies cutting-edge technologies to develop advanced air traffic control simulation and training systems and state-of-the-art air traffic management solutions. Adacel’s customers include international air navigation service providers (ANSPs), airport authorities, military, defense & security organizations, and universities. More than 21% of the world’s airspace is managed with Adacel’s Aurora ATM software. MaxSim Tower Simulator and Training systems lead the industry with the highest number of installations worldwide. Adacel’s latest flagship system, REVAL, a virtual Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower system delivers a wide spectrum of digital tower operational solutions, from consulting services to system design, development, deployment, and support.
Aurora Air Traffic Management Solution
Adacel’s Aurora is used in the ATM operational environment and integrates oceanic, approach, and tower control capabilities. The system is without equal in the industry in terms of ease of use, capability to manage mixed airspace, and ability to improve the efficiency of the airspace. Aurora delivers a seamless integration of procedural airspace management and surveillance environment functionalities.
The system’s philosophy allows for optimal, fuel-efficient routing in procedural environment with reduced separation minima. This approach delivers better airspace efficiency and gives controllers the tools they need to provide Radar/ADS- B-based surveillance separation in En-route and Approach phases of flight.
MaxSim Air Traffic Control Simulation and Training System
MaxSim is an all-in-one Tower, Radar, and Oceanic air traffic
control simulation and training system, trusted by ANSPs, universities, and military organizations worldwide. The system was built with high emphasis on human factors, by a team that includes many former air traffic controllers, based on extensive feedback from our expansive global customer base. This ATC simulator delivers agile scalability, from a 360-degree set-up to a desktop or mobile system, making it quite affordable, advanced visuals and impressive range of simulation capabilities for air traffic controller training, easy customization of training lessons, military- and civilian- focused applications, easy integration capabilities, and much more.
REVAL Virtual Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower Solution
This virtual tower solution is part of the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) solution pack for single remote tower operations for medium sized airports. It was built on modular, open architecture principles suitable for a variety of aerodrome operational needs, including integration with existing or new air traffic management, communication, navigation, and surveillance systems. REVAL was created to provide all the benefits of a remote tower with a more cost- effective approach.
The tower can be used remote or onsite, for single or multiple aerodrome operations. When used remote, REVAL can operate independently in a one-to-one aerodrome control setting or as part of a multiple virtual tower center.
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