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 Airtopsoft, a Transoft Solutions company Pier Carlo Ferraris +32 2 787 08 23 +32 2 897 20 80
c/o Hive 5
Rue de Francs, 79 - bte 1 1040 Brussels
Airtopsoft, a Transoft Solutions company, is a software company developing, maintaining, and selling the AirTOP fast-time simulation software, today’s leading air traffic complexity assessment and modelling tool.
Our customers consist mainly of major ANSPs, airport authorities, airlines, research labs and consulting companies globally, which aim at assessing air traffic and airport complexity, assessing controller workload, and assessing and improving airspace and airport capacities.
AirTOP has been developed from scratch since 2006, when the company started operating. The development has been done through prototyping and industrialization phases over the last 10 years, and in close interaction with our customers and potential customers, continuously providing us operational requirements, experiences and feedback (see section “AirTOP reference” below). It has been developed following a very flexible and modular architecture (API, object and multi-agent based), and using open-standards as much as possible, allowing Airtopsoft to offer short development cycles and fast deliveries of software updates. AirTOP’s roadmap is determined by its Customers & Users. Formal processes have been implemented as early as 2008.
Since June 2018, Airtopsoft SA is a part of Transoft Solutions. Transoft Solutions offers innovative, state-of-the-art software and services for the airport and airspace industries.
AirTOP is the leading modeling platform providing support to assess and improve airspace, airport airside and passenger terminal capacities. The modular software allows scenario editing, simulation and reporting for airspace and airport environments through a single sophisticated interface that includes highly interactive 2D maps and 3D views. The WIZer module for ACCs and airports, connects to live
data streams, presents short term forecasts of air traffic complexity, controller workload and airport performance indicators, and offer real-time what- if-analysis functions to provide airport and airspace demand capacity balancing.
Airspace Modeling
AirTOP Airspace enables assessment and improvement of en-route airspace capacity by modeling en-route traffic and ATC procedures complexity. Assess and improve airport terminal airspace capacity by modeling TMA/TRACON ATC procedures as well as aircraft movements and sequencing. By modeling 4D trajectory-based operations (4D TBOs), it is possible to assess and improve network and flow management procedures.
WIZer ACC is a real-time air traffic complexity assessment tool that supports ACC supervisors’ and flow managers’ decision making by providing live forecast of future air traffic situation and sector loads. WIZer provides real-time What-If analysis by testing alternative sector configurations, attitudes and/or routes. The airport module supports airport operators and tower controller decision making by providing live forecast of future air and ground traffic situations.
Airport Modeling
AirTOP Airport allows assessment and improvement of airside complexity and capacity by modeling aircraft parking/gate allocation, taxi flow control and more. The airside vehicle module allows for modeling ground service vehicle movements such as tugs, buses and refueling trucks. The passenger terminal module enables modeling of passenger movements. It includes modeling of check-in, passport control, security control and more.

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