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 ANS CZ Navigacni 787 252 61 Jenec Czech Republic COMPANY DESCRIPTION, 420 220372111 @letovyprovoz           Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic (ANS CR) is the national provider of air navigation services in the Czech Republic and its main role is to maintain a safe environment for all users of Czech airspace. ANS CR is responsible for provision of en-route services, approach services and ATC services at Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Karlovy Vary airports. ANS CR offers its customers a broad range of services in civil aviation including provision of Air Traffic Control Services (ATC), training of Air Traffic Controllers and ATSEPs, flight inspection and flight validation services and ATM consultancy. PRODUCTS/SERVICES ANS CR provides a wide variety of services for ANSPs and aviation customers focused primarily around ATC and aviation training and flight inspection services. Service delivery is done through the Czech Air Navigation Institute (CANI), which is an integral part of ANS CR and has 40 years of experience with delivering solutions in this field. ATC Training ANS CR offers a complete line of ATC Courses including initial and development training: – Aerodrome Control Visual Rating (ADV) – Aerodrome Control Instrument Rating for Tower (ADI/TWR) – Approach Control Procedural Rating (APP) – Approach Control Surveillance Rating (APS) – Area Control Surveillance Rating with Radar (ACS) Specialized ATC courses: – Emergency and unusual situations training – AIS specialist courses – AFIS training Training is harmonized and provided in accordance with governing EU legislation EU 2015/340. Strong customer orientation is a key element of ANS CR corporate culture which rests on the belief that successful training is not only a personal asset but should also be an enjoyable experience. To achieve this the CANI campus covers a wide array of student support services including: on-site accommodation, student welfare services, own cafeteria and restaurant, transportation services and much more. Training is delivered by a multi-national team of experienced instructors and an internal team of licensed pseudo-pilots. Air Traffic Control Electronics Personnel Training (ATSEP) ANS CR offers a complete training program for safety critical technical staff. The program is developed to fulfill the EU 2017/373 requirements for ATSEP training. The program covers Basic Training as well as all Qualification Training streams: - Basic Training - Navigation - Surveillance - Communication - System monitoring and Control - Data processing - Instructor/Assessor training for ATSEPs Flight Inspection and Validation Services ANS CR operates an independent flight inspection unit capable of providing Flight Inspection Services for ANSPs, airports and other operators of navaids and equipment. The FIS Unit has a proven track record in flight inspection services and vast domain knowledge and experience accumulated over years of operation. The Flight Inspection Unit’s capabilities span commissioning, return to service, engineering flight checks and periodic flight inspection all types on navaids. ANS CR operates a fleet of 2 fully equipped King Air Beechcraft 300, both fitted with Aerodata AG FIS calibration equipment.  50 WORLD ATM DIRECTORY & ANSP REPORT 2023 

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