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  Balkantel Orlin Rachev
68 Bratya Bukston Blvd. 1618 Sofia
Balkantel is a family owned and operated company founded in 1990, specialized in mission-critical communications and ICT solutions. The company has a vast experience in air and ground military forces, civil aviation, railway transport, energy sector and others. The company has successfully completed many significant turn-key projects in air traffic management, navigation, centralized monitoring, surveillance and complex telecommunication networks. Balkantel prides itself in managing the entire lifecycle of its projects – design, production, delivery, integration, training and long-term maintenance.
Balkantel is among the most innovative vendors in the ATM
market, providing clients with a complete VCCS solution RADIS©, Network Monitoring System UMBRELLA© and many custom tailored solutions.
RADIS© is a safety-critical Voice Communication and Control System (VCCS), fully developed by Balkantel Ltd. The system conforms
to the latest EUROCAE and other international requirements and standards in the transport industry. RADIS© offers an entirely IP- based communication solution that can outperform and replace all analogue and legacy digital voice communication systems. Its decentralized architecture offers high reliability and flexibility to VCCS deployments, including mobile and tactical solutions.
UMBRELLA© is a Network-Monitoring System (NMS), used for monitoring large-scale networks that include vast types of devices, systems and sensors.
The system offers lightweight and flexible centralized monitoring of any type of network-connected equipment, including radar, NAVAIDS, communication systems and auxiliary equipment. UMBRELLA©
uses the SNMPv2/v3 and NetFlow protocols to communicate with devices even over connections with limited bandwidth or with large numbers of devices. Umbrella automates the addition of new devices, while also being able to collect and analyze equipment data within a network, to provide predictive maintenance and availability analyses of the monitored equipment.
    Balkantel is providing Master System Integration (MSI) and have a successful track record for more than 30 years.
Balkantel offer its customers innovative products and services without sacrificing flexibility and customizability in their configuration and integration.

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