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ADS-B surveillance
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relies on 20 years of experience in the ATM domain creates a safer air space
encourages new ideas
provides state-of-the-art products
customizes ATC solutions
offers consultancy in ATM
meets international standards and regulations
ensures complete turnkey integration of its products develops cloud-ready solutions
proposes a demo of products upon your request benefits your business
gives a competitive price
guarantees full responsibility for a delivery
safeguards the interests of all customers
stands for a breakthrough approach in the ATM industry
Mobile TSD is a specially designed, mobile version of TSD, for vehicle drivers and pedestrians with an adaptive user interface to provide air and ground traffic.
ADS-B Ground System is a scalable versatile cooperative solution intended to provide reliable surveillance data for the whole spectrum of airside applications.
Airport Ground Movement Display System is intended for traffic monitoring and reduction of runway incursions and surface incidents created by vehicles.
Automatic terminal information service is designed to provide automated delivery of meteorological and operational aerodrome information to arriving and departing aircraft, as well as information about current and forecast weather by broadcasting high-quality voice reports and transmitting digital messages over the Ground-Air network, providing the following services: ATIS, D-ATIS, VOLMET, D-VOLMET.
ATC staff management
Resource management is the smart addition to corporate HRM, that keeps ATCO Data safe in one place, has an event tracking and notification system, license and endorsement management, statistics and forecast, allows data export/import from different sources, manages training, forms various reports.
Rostering is a tool for shift workforce planning, including the “home-stand-by-duty” option.
Collaboration platform for ATCOs and management allows messaging and live chats, pre-shift awareness in the employee cabinet, and includes change tracking monitoring. Automobile-based command posts are intended for rapid deployment of air navigation services by Military or Civilian command posts.
Aviation communications
Voice Communication Control System is a fully digital decentralized and scalable cost-effective VCCS solution that enables ground-ground and air-ground communications between air traffic controllers, pilots and ground personnel. ACARS gateway supports messaging interoperability of ANSP’s or aircraft operators’ systems with a Datalink service provider. AMHS web terminal is an AMHS mail web client to handle the exchange of Air Traffic Services messages. It’s the easiest way if you need to add a new user to the existing Aeronautical Message Handling System (AMHS) network.
ATCO training
With combined Radar and 3D Tower ATC Simulators, we cover all types of ATCO training:
• Basic
• Refresher
• Recurrent • Rating
ATC automation
Traffic Situation Display gives basic features of seamless air and ground traffic awareness for ATM and non-ATM users with friendly and intuitive HMI that presents air and ground traffic on airspace and geographical maps.
CWP is the minimal stand-alone configuration of the air traffic management system that designed for air traffic management at small air traffic service units with basic functionality.
iTWP is a specially tailored CWP to integrate various types of data such as surveillance sources, interconnected ATC systems, weather systems etc.
A-SMGCS provides surface movement ground control with a safety net (conflict detection and resolution) and taxi route planning together with data sharing with all airport systems and services. ATM system delivers the whole scope of air traffic services for air traffic service units: Ground, Tower, Approach and ACC.
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