Page 53 - World ATM Directory & ANSP Report 2023
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  DGAC 50 Rue Henry Farman 75015 Paris France DSNA +33 15809 4815     COMPANY DESCRIPTION DSNA (Direction des Services de la Navigation Aérienne), the French Air Navigation Service Provider, aims to deliver the best quality of service to all users in one of the busiest airspaces in the world. PRODUCTS/SERVICES  Main traffic flows in France Due to its size (1 million km2) and position at the crossroads of the major European air traffic routes, France manages dense and complex traffic with strong seasonal variations and high daily peaks. In 2022, DSNA handled 2.9 million flights, a level of 88% of 2019 traffic. The breakdown of air traffic controlled in France was as follows: 54% are overflights, 34% are international flights to or from France and 12% are domestic flights. The daily traffic peak was recorded with 10,551 flights on Saturday 30th July 2022. The workforce of DSNA amounts to 6,900 employees with a male-female distribution of 73% – 27%. Operational personnel counts for 66% of staff. 4-FLIGHT in operational use in Reims ACC Efficient, modern and eco-responsible management for air traffic The encouraging result of 2022 traffic following to an unprecedented crisis for aviation is a great motivation for DSNA staff. Our goal is to accompany a gradual and sustainable recovery of air transport that will be more digital with very ambitious environmental requirements. DSNA implemented 4-FLIGHT in the two pilot-control centres, Reims ACC (14th June) and Marseille ACC (6th December) in 2022. This new-generation air traffic control system has been designed to ensure smoother flows of traffic, while keeping a high level of safety. It is the result of a close collaboration with Thales Company. This success is a source of pride for DSNA staff who were very involved in this complex ATM project. It proves DSNA’s commitment to pursue its technological modernization and to satisfy the challenges of the Digital European Sky. Thanks to 4-FLIGHT, DSNA will offer high- quality and more competitive service. Next steps are the extension to Paris ACC scheduled on 9th of January, 2024 and the other two En-Route centres by winter 2025/2026. DSNA has been pushing for greener initiatives to promote an environmental culture and accelerate this crucial transition for Aviation. A strategy for green ATM has been developed for the entire flight phases to improve flight profiles and to optimise flight efficiency. The concepts to decarbonize aviation are usually associated with the image of a “perfect flight” but the reality is more complicated. A dynamic balance between capacity and optimal trajectories must be found for intricated sectors of control. To cope with this complexity, DSNA has created in 2022 a dedicated Task Force to work in close relation with airlines to identify and improve the trajectories of the most constraint flows. With this approach, significant quick wins are expected.  SUPPLIER LISTINGS 53 

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