Page 53 - World ATM Directory & ANSP Report 2020
P. 53

   Cambridge Pixel Mark Saunders
+44 1763852749
New Cambridge House Litlington, Royston SG8 0SS, UK
Cambridge Pixel manufactures radar acquisition, processing (plot extraction, target tracking, recording, simulation and display products. The company provides interfaces to a wide range of primary and IFF radars, permitting upgrade of legacy radar systems as well as supporting modern radars with ASTERIX standards. The company's wide range of field-proven standard products can be customised and extended for special projects.
Cambridge Pixel's comprehensive portfolio of radar acquisition products allows for interfacing and upgra- ding of a wide range of new and legacy commercial and military ATC radars. Interfacing to radar signals or modern ASTERIX network protocols, Cambridge Pixel's products offer the system integrator a wide choice of capabilities, from target tracking with SPx Server to SPx Fusion and full operator-level display applications, such as ASD-100. Multi-channel, multi-format data recording is offered with Cambridge Pixel's RDR soft- ware, permitting multiple channels of primary or IFF radar video and ASTERIX tracks to be recorded with audio, network, camera and related data sets.
With many successful applications across a wide range of projects, Cambridge Pixel's flexibility and innovation are key factors in the company's success.

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