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ACR’s is first and foremost a modern ANSP with a core focus on the lean, safe and efficient provision of Terminal ANS (TWR/APP) for airports. Having successfully transitioned more airports than any other ANS provider, ACR has gained unique experience in assessing the needs of an airport from a staff, operational and technical perspective (ATM / CNS). How to achieve full compliance with the regulatory requirements, implement state-of-the-art safety processes while assuring strict cost-efficiency, forms the Business DNA of ACR.
However, the range of services that are offered to airports goes beyond the sole provision of ANS and aims at supporting airports to transform their business models by helping with the integration of new airspace user (concepts) and innovative technologies. In addition, more traditional consultancy services such as ‘operational due diligence’ processes, training support, the integration of safety management and related processes round off our service portfolio. However, based on the recognition that “one size usually doesn’t fit all”, our aim is to establish a common understanding with our customers concerning their real needs and tailor corresponding solutions rather than offering a “static” solution.
ACR – as a private actor in an industry that is predominately operated by state entities – introduces a commercial mindset and market mechanisms to the European ANS landscape.
      ACR is a private owned, AAA-rated, SES-certified ANSP that provides tailor-made and cost efficient ATS (ATC /AFIS) and consultancy services to airports of all sizes. ACR focuses on organizational leanness, innovative technologies and mutually beneficial cooperation models. In this way ACR managed to reduce the ANS costs for it‘s 17 airports with between 25%-40%, while safety standards remained untouched, and the customer satisfaction reportedly increased.
Born out of the regulatory framework of the Single European Sky (SES), the beginning liberalization of the ANS market has the aim to increase cost-transparency, foster innovation and reduce the overall system costs, while the industry recovery following the pandemic is characterized by a stronger focus on cost-efficiency and scalability of services. Following the industry call to re-invent and build back better, ACR is currently expanding into the European market and reaching out to airports and service providers alike with the goal to develop new cooperation models that satisfy the operational and financial needs of the wider airport community.
ACR has fully owned subsidiaries in Switzerland and Germany (ACR Switzerland, ACR Germany) and provides Air Traffic Services (ATS) as well as airport- and ANS-related consultancy services in Europe and, through the Dubai based partner organisation ACR International, globally.

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