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 Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic
   www Denisa Zedníková +420 220 372 616
Navigacni 787 252 61 Jenec Czech Republic
Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic, state enterprise (ANS CR) is a modern and recognized company that ranks amongst the best in the provision of air navigation services.
The mission of ANS CR is to provide safe and cost efficient, long- term aviation solutions in the dynamically evolving air transporta- tion environment. Our services are designed to meet the expecta- tions of our customers with regard to current and future demand at both the national level and within the European ATM context.
As a part of ANS CR, Czech Air Navigation Institute (CANI) is established as a modern fully equipped ATM training provider with
a history of delivering a range of training services for more than 30 years. CANI specializes in the provision of customer specific and flexible ATC Training and also provides flight inspection services and other ATM training and consultancy.
CANI offers a full range of ATCO and ATSEP training courses including English language courses in full compliance with Commis- sion Regulation (EU) 2015/340 requirements and also with ICAO standards.
Additionally, these courses with flexible start dates are tailored according to client’s specific needs and local regulations. CANI customers benefit from knowledge transfer and hands-on operation experience coming directly from the ANSP field. CANI employs an international team of instructors with professional experience from Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Fur- thermore, CANI offers clients in-house or hotel accommodation, full-board services and client service coordinator. This, combined
with a competitively low local cost of living and
state of the art training facilities, enables CANI to deliver world class training experiences at unbeatable prices. Our strong custo- mer focus, deep domain knowledge and friendly staff make CANI the provider of training solutions for customers across Europe and beyond.
1. Organization and execution of ATCO and ATSEP COURSES
The Czech Air Navigation Institute in Prague offers a complete set of training programs including ATCO, ATSEP and English language Training designed to meet even the most demanding needs of its custo- mers.
The training provided is in full compliance with the latest European legislation and ICAO standards as well as with the individual national regulations.
Training solutions:
ATCO Initial Training:
Basic training, Rating trainings (ADV, ADI/TWR, RAD (for TWR), APS, APP, ACS)
ATCO Development Training Courses:
OJTI, OJTI Ref, Assessor, Assessor Ref, STDI, STDI Ref
ATSEP Initial Training:
Basic, Qualification (NAV, SUR, COM, DP, SMC), ATSEP OJTI and Assessor
Other ATM Courses:
ATC Emergency and Refresher Courses, SUP, ATFM AIS Specialist Courses
English Language Courses
For more information about our ATSEP Testing so- lution please come to Frequentis Aviation Arena, on Tuesday 10.3.2020 at 5:40 pm or visit our booth #885.
Flight lnspection Unit provides high-level flight in- spection services designed to meet regulatory requi- rements and minimize the risk of unsafe operations.
The services offered by CANI include:
• commissioning check of NAV equipment • procedure checks
• periodic flight inspection
• engineering flight checks
3. Provision of ATM CONSULTANCY SERVICES Consultancy services are designed to help customers overcome operational challenges as well as support adoption of new technologies and procedures. Customers may benefit from experience of senior ATM Specialists and expertise of the Czech ANS provider.

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