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  Micro Nav Shane Hannam
+44 1202 764444 @micronav micro-nav-ltd
41-47 Seabourne Road Bournemouth
United Kingdom
Micro Nav is the leading, award-winning specialist producer of air traffic control simulators, with an unbroken track record since 1988. Founded by two air traffic controllers, Micro Nav has extensive experience in civil and military ATC, providing its simulation solutions ‘for controllers, by controllers’.
Trusted by ANSPs, training providers, airports and military organisations, Micro Nav supports its customers with simulation technology that is reliable and highly scalable, enabling them to deliver controller training, and conduct research and development, testing and design.
BEST ATC Simulator
BEST, Beginning to End for Simulation and Training,
is a single-solution ATC simulation product with many features included as standard, providing the user with a customisable, scalable and flexible solution for all simulation needs.
It comes complete with tower and radar capability and meets requirements for both civil and military applications. The BEST ATC simulation system is a fully flexible solution that can be used for multiple purposes, including testing, research, development, evaluation, and training.
The BEST ATC simulator supports ICAO training courses and provides air traffic control simulation, stimulation, emulation and real time simulation.
Ongoing support
Micro Nav aims to ensure that every customer has all the support it needs to get the most from their BEST ATC simulation system.
Customers and end users have access to a wide range of ongoing support services, product updates and training courses, and automatically become part of the worldwide BEST community, with the BEST User Group as its annual meeting.

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