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 41-47 Seabourne Road Bournemouth
United Kingdom +44 1202 764444
Shane Hannam @micronav
Micro Nav is the leading, award-winning specialist producer of air traffic control simulators. Founded by two air traffic controllers, Micro Nav has extensive experience in civil and military ATC, providing its BEST simulation solutions ‘for controllers, by controllers’.
Micro Nav is the preferred choice for an independent ATC simulator provider for a trusted and flexible simulation platform for multiple purposes, enabling users to achieve their simulation goals. Decades of experience working with major original equipment manufacturers and integrating with leading ATM systems has enabled users to deliver the highest level of on-console training using real operational equipment
BEST ATC Simulator
BEST, Beginning to End for Simulation and Training, is a single-solution air traffic control simulator with features for high-fidelity aerodrome/tower, en-route/area and ap- proach controller simulation included as standard.
Its tower, radar and surveillance capabilities meet require- ments for both civil and military applications, providing a customisable, scalable and flexible solution for all simula- tion needs. These capabilities are also available from any- where at any time via the Cloud.
It offers a full turnkey solution, whether for testing, re- search, development, evaluation or training, and has been trusted by ANSPs, academic establishments, airports and military worldwide since 1988.
Remote Digital Towers
Micro Nav’s established relationships with industry leading RDT solution providers, offers the ability to effortlessly in- tegrate with your system of choice, to support your journey of implementation and associated training requirements.
BEST Insights
Micro Nav is pleased to be launching BEST Insights in 2022. It is a powerful addition to our BEST suite of products that allows the end user access to all the underlying data in order to gain useful insights that can drive business improve- ments across multiple functions.
Ongoing support
Customers have access to a wide range of ongoing sup- port services, product updates, and training courses, and become part of the worldwide BEST community, with the BEST User Group as its annual meeting, to ensure that every customer has the support they need to get the most from their BEST ATC simulation system.

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