Page 65 - World ATM Directory & ANSP Report 2022
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 Piazza Monte Grappa, 4 00195 Rome
Italy +39 06 4150 3421 Mario Scancarello
Leonardo is one of the major global players in the Aero- space, Defense and Security domain.
In the Air Traffic Control/Management (ATC/ATM) and Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) fields, Leonardo has delivered solutions in more than 150 countries worldwide, including fully integrated ATM and airport solutions.
Leonardo’s ATM/CNS systems are scalable and ready to support the increasing demand for air navigation services. The offer performance that meet the requirements of ATCOs, delivering operational safety in all environmental conditions.
The company can design, produce, integrate and install primary and secondary radar sensors, as well as meteor- ological sensors. Operational centers, designed under a ‘distributed intelligence’ concept, provide multi-tracking and flight planning functions, the latter integrated with aeronautical communication networks.
Leonardo’s primary and secondary ATC radar families in- clude adaptive moving-target detectors for long and me- dium range, en-route control and terminal area approach. All of the company’s solutions employ modular design techniques to ensure easy accessibility for maintenance.
For airport surveillance, Leonardo’s portfolio includes the latest generation of surface movement radar with solid state modulators. Leonardo is also looking to integrate further sensors, displays, processors, and data commu- nication networks (for defense and commercial traffic) in order to be able to meet the most advanced automation and airport requirements.
Inordertohandletheever-increasingcomplexityofAirTraf- fic Management (ATM) scenarios, Leonardo has invested in SESAR-compliant solutions that align with the ICAO ASBU roadmap, integrating a wide range of innovative products and tools.
• S-band and L-band Primary Surveillance Radar for TMA and En-route;
• Full Mode-S Secondary Surveillance Radar with ADS-B integrated channel;
• Cooperative surveillance systems (ADS-B, MLAT, WAM); • Surface Movement Radar (SMR);
• Ground Control Systems (A-SMGCS) up to level 4;
• APP and ACC automation system (ATM) with state
of the art HMI technology and modular, flexible
and adaptable virtualized architectural solutions;
• Advanced ATC tools (Monitoring Aids, Conflict Detection
& Resolution, Arrival Manager, Airborne Separation Assistance Systems, Air Traffic Flow Management, Time Based Separation, i4D);
• Oceanic ACC (with ADS-C and CPDLC integrated data link applications);
• VHF/UHF/HF Radios;
• VDL2 Ground Stations;
• AeroMACS;
• Navigational Aids (ILS, VOR, DME);
• UTM Systems;
• Meteorological sensors;
• Simulators (Training & Academy);
• Cyber Security Services.
Logistics Support & Services.
Leonardo draws upon the design concepts of modularity, performance and reliability in order to fully comply with the ICAO’s requirements;
• Modularity, allowing for highly flexible systems which can
meet the needs of different scenarios;
• High performance, fulfilling current and future
operational needs;
• Reliability, ensuring that high-performance air traffic
control systems operate continuously.

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