Page 65 - World ATM Directory & ANSP Report 2020
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   HungaroControl Daniel Mcleod
+36 30 414 1084
Igló u. 33-35 H-1185 Budapest Hungary
HungaroControl is a certified provider of air navigation services and specialist professional services. With its dedicated workforce, HungaroControl delivers safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable air navigation services to more than one million flights in Hungary and in the upper-airspace of Kosovo (on NATO assignment). Leveraging both a breadth and depth of experience, HungaroControl also partners with service providers globally to solve their burning problems and achieve their strategic goals, providing customers with more than just step-change improvements, but clear pathways to translate air traffic management innovation into valued service outcomes.
Highly developed experience in consulting and advising in the air traffic management (ATM) domain
We support air navigation service providers with a strong capability base that covers areas such as aeronautical information management and information management. Additionally we also have a deep understanding and proven experience in the implementation of tailored ATM capabilities, from concept to operation. Our professionals bring decades of experience as users, operators, delivery specialists and advisors.
Advanced simulation and validation capabilities
Simulation HUB is Europe’s largest commercial radar simulator for validation activities. We offer end-to- end simulation solutions in a state-of-the-art technical environment and in compliance with the highest standards of innovation.
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Next generation tower operations
In 2017, HungaroControl launched digital tower operations at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport. In doing so, we became the first air navigation service provider to be operationally certified to provide tower services without restrictions using a digital tower at a medium-capacity airport.
A world-leader in deploying digital tower technology, HungaroControl has and continues to work with service providers around the world on their own deployments, demonstrating how this technology can be scaled to serve both small airports and some of the world’s largest hubs.

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