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  INSERO ATS Banegårdsgade 2 8700 Horsens Denmark COMPANY DESCRIPTION +45 79 25 33 00 Steen Garnæs Sales Director    With more than 40 years of experience in enabling digital transformation in aviation and strengthening operational per- formance at airports, we design, develop, deliver and support cost-effective solutions that meet the requirements of today but are ready to handle the needs of tomorrow. It is our mission to help airports, ANSPs and associated busi- nesses meet future capacity and safety needs in an agile, cost effective and environmentally friendly way and we are a trusted and well reputed supplier of mission critical Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Communication, Navigation, Sur- veillance (CNS) systems. Our customers include ANSPs like Naviair, PANSA, IAA and Fintraffic ANS as well as a wide range of civil and military air- ports, including Copenhagen Airports, Keflavik Airport, Bil- lund Airport, Aarhus Airport and all Danish Defence airports. We also have a range of fielded solutions at helipads, offshore windfarms and rigs. PRODUCTS Whether you are looking for a suite of ATM/CNS solutions for tower/approach, either as primary or backup system, a solu- tion to consolidate all data for terminal / route charges and interfacing with the Eurocontrol CRCO, a state-of-the-art ATIS/D-ATIS and VOLMET/D-VOLMET system or a versatile and open integration and data platform to support your re- mote tower implementation or smarter airport operations, Insero Air Traffic Solutions has the solutions to match your needs – and if they do not match all your needs, we will make them match in an agile and cost-effective manner. Insero AviCast is the latest generation of our broadcasting solutions, building on many years of experience and opera- tional use, yet based on a modern service-oriented server ar- chitecture and secure browser-based web applications. Due to the modern and flexible architecture of the AviCast solution, multiple broadcast channels can be configured, allowing the ATIS and/or VOLMET flight weather broadcasts to be trans- mitted as either radio-transmitted ATIS and/or Datalink ATIS (D-ATIS), and similarly for VOLMET broadcasts. This either in a fully automatic mode, or with manual user intervention. A single instance of Insero AviCast can also support multiple airports/aerodromes, or if desired, multiple instances/systems may be established to support the customer’s needs. Insero AviCast is compliant with the relevant EUROCON- TROL, EASA, ICAO, WMO regulations and standards. This also including EU-373 and the latest ICAO Global Reporting For- mat (GRF)/Runway Condition Report (RCR) requirements. Insero AviSky Air traffic data is often scattered across multi- ple systems making data hard to access – and even harder to manage and secure – whether internally or for external stake- holders via e.g. the SWIM network. With AviSky you can unlock the business potential of your data, support your transition towards SWIM based interfac- es, obtain a single source of truth and enable remote tower and smarter airport operations with agile utilisation of data to optimise ATM/UTM operations as well as to develop your business. AviSky represents the next generation in the evolu- tion of digital aviation. It is the information management plat- form from which future capacity and operational excellence is achieved. Insero SERIS is our route/terminal charges and air traffic analyser solution. You get an advanced solution, which pro- vides advanced data consolidation/validation and a registra- tion of terminal and routes charges tool for keeping track of flights, securing revenue streams and automating revenue charging processes as well as an Air Traffic Analyser designed to optimise air traffic conditions. All data is logged in the proper/industry standard interchange formats, so it can eas- ily be transferred to the EUROCONTROL CRCO via B2B NM, or any other organisation handling route charges, offering the highest obtainable invoicing quality. A unique tool within Insero SERIS is the Air Traffic Analyser, which enables you to explore air traffic patterns and optimise performance accordingly. This e.g. in relation to flight path, sec- tor load, holding areas/times, fuel usage, CO2 emissions etc.  64 WORLD ATM DIRECTORY & ANSP REPORT 2023 

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