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   Lammerdries-Oost 27, 2250 Olen, Belgium
Jan van Gent +3214231811
Intersoft Electronics is a leading technology provider in the aviation industry. Their modular radar solutions are available for state-of-the-art system integrations and life extension programs for civil and military radars.
Intersoft Services is the growing organization for CNS installations and services worldwide. Local ATSEP certified technicians support CNS installations, calibration and certification. Intersoft Electronics houses high tech facilities to provide fully vertically integrated manufacturing.
With a pedigree of 40 years, Intersoft Electronics has become a reference in radar technology and CNS services worldwide. They maintain long lasting partnerships with the leading radar manufacturers, ANSPs, maintenance organizations, DoDs and Air Forces.
ASR-M® and SLEP: Modular systems for ASR manufacturers and for Service Life Extension Programs
Modular ASR design is the gateway to infinite service life in an environment of rapidly expanding system capability requirements and evolving technologies. The Advanced Processing Technologies of the NGSP® Next Generation System Platform addresses emerging challenges such as air traffic density, wind farms, 4G/5G interference, drones, etc. ASR-M® and NGSP® are offered to radar manufacturers for integration into new radar systems and to ANSPs and military customers for upgrades of legacy systems.
NORA® and L-IESA®: Non-rotating array antennas for land based and naval applications
Non-rotating array antennas offer numerous advantages over their rotating siblings: lower maintenance costs, higher reliability, a high degree of integrability. NORA® are Intersoft Electronics’ non-rotating array antenna systems for land based air surveillance. They comprise S-band ASR applications as well as L-band long range and multibeam applications and SSR. They are offered at competitive prices for civil and military users. L-IESA® antennas are specifically designed for naval on-board IFF applications.
CNS services and RASS® measurement equipment
Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) Services range from performance analysis for NATO/ AIMS interoperability and certification, over environment simulation, target generation, field calibration, CNS installations and site works to data analysis and monitoring. SkyRF® is the drone platform delivering RF measurement services for CNS performance analysis. Measuring and analysing signals at elevation was never before so easy, accurate and reliable. SkyRF® complements ground measurements and reduces the need for flight checks by up to 50%.
RASS® is a portfolio of test and measurement equipment for in-factory and on-site applications. It comprises RES® Radar Environment Simulator and RTG Radar Target Generator and many other tools. SMS is a dedicated Sensor Monitoring System that combines the inputs of many different CNS installations on a single or multiple airports or remote sites.

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