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 IMTRADEX Daimlerstrasse 23 63303 Dreieich Germany COMPANY DESCRIPTION +49 61034856940     Since more than 30 years Imtradex Hör- und Sprechsysteme is one of the leading European manufacturer for communication solutions in critical communication areas, such as Air Traffic Management. Based in Germany, located close to Frankfurt/Main, Imtradex provides their products globally with a huge partner network and close contact to VCS manufacturer and ANSP’s. The AirTalk®headset series is a leading brand and well recognized in the ATM industry. The key performance is based on a high reliability and flexibility to respond to the customer needs and provide with our engineering team high quality solutions for the special needs, besides the fact that the production is based close to Frankfurt/Main, Germany, as well as innovative production technologies and highest quality standards. PRODUCTS/SERVICES The Imtradex product portfolio provides state-of-the-art communication solution for the ATM industry. The latest development, the AirTalk®PTT-19 Dual is developed based on customer inputs from a Remote Digital Tower application and from a Military ATC area. The AirTalk®PTT-19 Dual provides a dual button ergonomic PTT for minimizing operations of the ATCO and increasing safety or creating a comfortable usage for Black/Red communication by hand. In combination with the AirTalk®5000 headset solution it builds a strong and reliable team for professional use in the ATC area. The AirTalk®5000 series was launched in 2020 and is in the meanwhile in use by several ANSP’s and released/ approved from several VCS manufacturers. With the AirTalk®5000 we also introduced our CalmNoiseLine (CNL) technology for keeping unwanted noise from the cable out of the ear from the ATCO. Helping to concentrate on the important tasks. The Imtradex dedication to provide seamless communication solutions to the worlds ANSP’s was leading the way to create the AirTalk® Dongle concept. The concept provides an easy solution to the simulation area by using your operational headset to train as well. This innovative concept provides a closer training and simulation scenario than before and even the possibility to retrofit or upgrade the existing simulation solutions is easily possible. Furthermore, Imtradex provides communication solutions including its own USB development with high flexibility to the needs of the user or handset and hand microphone solutions for communication in different areas of the ATM industry, whether it is a tower, approach, centre or remote areas. Imtradex is a full communication equipment provider. But not only the product itself is key for the user. Also, the accessory setup around the products is key for providing instant and comfortable communication. The Imtradex light weight headsets can be used with wide range of different accessories, such us the CoolMax® ear cushion or different others. The headsets will be also delivered in a transport bag for stowing away the personal device and keep the headset and PTT safe, as well as keeping the accessories near to the device. Furthermore, the IMTRADEX Spacer is a very pleasant and unique accessory to provide a great wearing experience for the user. All the different options are underlined by short training clips of the product’s special application and usage on the IMTRADEX YouTube channel.    62 WORLD ATM DIRECTORY & ANSP REPORT 2023 AirTalk®5000 XD with spacer AirTalk®Dongle concept AirTalk®PTT-19 Dual 

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