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GUNTERMANN & DRUNCK GMBH    Obere Leimbach 9 57074 Siegen Germany COMPANY DESCRIPTION +49 (271) 23872-0 Roland Ollek CEO @gdsys installations against cyber-attacks by establishing redundancies air traffic providers to set up redundant systems on a different code system architecture to ensure that they are not affected by the same cyber-attack as well      Guntermann & Drunck is regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of KVM products for control rooms in towers, remote towers and air traffic control centres. With a broad portfolio of powerful products to extend, switch and distribute keyboard, video and mouse signals and many years of experience when it comes to installing systems in 24/7 environments at airports, G&D provides users from all applications with maximum customer benefits and real added value. Powerful KVM solutions are essential in high-tech industries such as the ATC. Designing fail-safe systems, using space efficiently, optimizing working conditions and facilitating processes – there are many challenges to tackle. KVM from G&D enables flexible IT access, comprehensive redundancy concepts, fail-safety, and cyber security, while equally protecting technology and human life. With KVM from G&D, controllers always have the right system at hand and benefit from pixel-perfect transmission with the best possible video quality and zero latency. In addition, KVM systems from G&D improve workplace ergonomics and make it easier for IT staff to maintain the equipment. In OPS rooms and First Line Support Monitoring Traffic Management systems, G&D matrix solutions are finding their way in fully redundant configurations. PRODUCTS/SERVICES The portfolio comprises a range of products, functions and monitoring features especially tailored to the needs of ANSPs. Space is scarce in a tower. Nevertheless, controllers must be able to work highly focused and without any distractions. By moving the hardware to a separate room, KVM helps you create more space especially in confined areas. Heat and noise from the powerful computers are thus kept out of the pulpit. ATCOs can continue to work without any losses in data transmission and keep a clear overview of air traffic without any irritating disturbances. More and more providers and smaller airports rely on remote tower concepts. KVM is the perfect technology to enable: • distributedaccesstocomputersystems • theautomationofATMprocessesinremotetowers • • 60 WORLD ATM DIRECTORY & ANSP REPORT 2023 Controller working positions are optimised by multi-viewer solutions to display various air navigation system processes on one single screen. CrossDisplay-Switching is integrated into the multiviewing concept, increasing user-friendliness and facilitating switching between various image segments and their computer sources at the click of a mouse. ATC control room work is simplified by real-time display of multiple computer sources on one large monitor and latency-free operation of multiple computers using just one single console. G&D offers the latest systems for ANSPs supporting air traffic controllers in their work and guaranteeing maximum system security. Changing to KVM-over-IP solutions has been a major trend in ATC applications for several years. They provide solid and highly-flexible infrastructures without losing the functions known from the classical KVM matrix solutions. Here, G&D pays special attention to the security of its systems and applies the highest security standards. Both traditional KVM and KVM-over-IP solutions are a reliable base in these demanding environments. IP structures are extremely flexible, easily scalable and provide high bandwidths to help teams collaborate. G&D operate in a hybrid world, offering a wide range of high-performance KVM-over-IP systems in addition to classic KVM.  

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