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  Evans Consoles Dave Rivers
+1 855 2841129
1577 Spring Hill Road – Suite 110
Vienna, VA 22181
EVANS is the global leader in providing innovative custom console solutions for all ATC domains including Control Tower, Terminal and En Route/ACC Radar, Oceanic, Air Range, and Support environments.
ATC towers and radar operation rooms are some of the most dynamic environments in the world; where ergonomics, sight lines, and equipment integration are of utmost importance. Each facility is a unique space.
It requires experience and vision to design and implement each project effectively. At the core of this vision is our unrelenting focus on the end user and the technology they use to perform their jobs.
Our solutions and services revolve around what we coin as “the 4 Ps” - the people; the plan; the process and performance. The depth of our understanding of these unique operations is unmatched, and we take our learnings from the thousands of projects we have implemented to deliver your project seamlessly.
ALARIS Tower and En Route / Approach
Our signature ATC product, ALARIS, has been crafted through exhaustive consultation with aviation agen- cies and front line experts. Whether it is a new or modernization project, the console structure provides the ultimate in durability required for 24/7 operations. The innovative design, flexibility and unique range of features surpass the industry’s highest expectations.
Benefits at a Glance
• Variable mounting – our flexible modular
equipment mounting Slatwall system can be easily be reconfigured, replaced, or updated without impact to the console structure.
• Sit-Stand Functionality – our ergonomic solutions provide the ideal sit-stand technology allowing the operator full access to their equipment from a sitting or standing position.
• Optimized sight lines – our console designs ensure improved operator sight lines with flexible mounting options for ease of future reconfiguration of equipment.
Our holistic approach of capturing and understanding your requirements is what sets us apart in Air Traffic Control. From the initial site survey to live cutover planning and risk mitigation, our ATC team’s expertise is your strategic advantage.
Turn Key Solutions
From concept to completion our industry-leading Turn Key Solutions (TKS) team works with clients every step of the way in the deployment of their operation. From initial design advisory services through to construction, installation, and maintenance, we are with you through the life of your operation.

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