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818 W Diamond Avenue, 3rd Floor Gaithersburg,
MD 20878
+1 301-670-4784
Vikram Kulkarni
Senior System Engineer
GL Communications Inc.
     GL Communications is a global provider of telecom test and measurement solutions. GL’s solutions are used to verify the quality and reliability of Ethernet, IP, TDM, and Analog networks.
GL offers cutting edge solutions for testing next generation Air Traffic Management (ATM) networks. This includes the ability to emulate equipment such as Controller Working Positions (CWP), Voice Communication Systems (VCS), Ground Radio Stations (GRS), Analog-to-IP converters, Gateways, and more. Components can be accurately tested for timing, performance, and functionalities. The GL test tools for next generation ATM offer signaling and traffic emulation per the ED-137 standards, monitoring the quality of service per ED-138, and providing critical network delay and voice quality measurements.
GL’s ED-137 and ED-138 Voice over IP Test Tools have been widely welcomed by Global Air Navigation Service Providers and equipment manufacturers who have found them to be essential tools during development, functionality testing, performance testing, factory acceptance testing, deployment and field testing.
Precise Timing Measurement Tools for ATM
ware and software to identify, capture, time stamp, and correlate events at Analog, TDM and IP interfaces.
GL’s solutions include rack mount and portable hardware equipment deployed across the Air Traffic Management network.
GL’s emulators and analyzers used for testing VoIP based ATM network and equipment.
• MAPSTM ED-137 Radio emulates air-to-ground calls by emulating either CWP/VCS or GRS. MAPSTM emulator supports both version B and C of ED-137 volume 1 Radio. Hundreds of CWPs or Radios can be emulated and can generate bulk air-to- ground calls using a single instance/license. Can be used to test functionality and performance of CWP, VCS, GRS, and Radio Gateways.
• MAPSTM ED-137 Telephone emulates ground-to-ground calls by emulating CWP/VCS. Supports both version B and C of ED- 137 volume 2 Telephone. Hundreds of CWPs can be emulated and can generate bulk ground-to-ground calls using a single instance/license.
• MAPSTM ED-137 Recorder emulates Recorder interface at VCS, GRS, and Recorder server as per version B and C of ED-137 volume 4 Recorder. Can be configured as either CWP or GRS or Recorder to emulate recorder interface at that node.
• PacketScanTM is a protocol analysis software, which offers powerful features to capture and monitor Air-to-Ground and Ground-to-Ground calls in the ATM network. It provides call quality statistics such as MOS, packet loss, jitter, delay, etc. on the captured calls.
• NetSurveyorWebTM is a web-based dashboard, which facilitates real-time and historical data analysis. This tool graphical reports
to analyze call and/or network quality.
• Packet Analyzer is deployed in-line on an Ethernet network
to filter packets of interest. It timestamps packets as they pass through using GPS. It can also generate TTL triggers (1 Microsecond pulse) for each filter passed.
• Audio Analyzer emulates the Controller and generates TTL triggers based on PTT On, PTT Off, Audio Start and Audio Detect (on or off). It can inject and record analog signals at the CWP/VCS, Radio, and VoIP gateway interfaces.
• MAPSTM Administrator controls all the components of the TM- ATM test suite from a centralized location. It conducts the tests to perform measurements and calculates the time difference between posted events and reports the precise one-way delay at different points in the network.
 The precise timing of events, relative to each other, is critical for ANSPs and equipment manufacturers to assess performance. Such precise delay and voice quality measurements in ATM are possible using GL’s TM ATM (Timing Measurement in Air Traffic Management) Solution. This solution is a custom suite of test tools designed to accurately measure various types of delays occurring in signaling and voice transmission. It includes all necessary hard-

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