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  ESSP B-612 Building 3, rue Tarfaya - CS 84432 31405 Toulouse Cedex 4 FRANCE COMPANY DESCRIPTION ESSP SAS (European Satellite Services Provider) is a company founded by 7 key European ANSPs (Air Navigation Service Providers). ESSP’s core business is the provision of Pan-European space- based Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) services. As multi-service CNS provider, we operate complex space-based systems and deliver critical services under strict regulation conditions. ESSP offers specific engineering expertise including performance and network management of the latest space- based technologies such as but not limited to: • GNSS for Navigation • Datalink for Communications • ADS-B technology in Surveillance We operate high-end systems, delivering our customers safe and secure performances for greener and connected worlds. PRODUCTS/SERVICES ESSP, as the EGNOS operator and services provider, and to a larger extend as CNS service provider, has well-balanced sources of expertise and knowledge in: • GNSS • SBAS(satellite-basedaugmentationsystems)systemoperations • Consulting engineering and management • GNSS performance assessment • Navigation services provision • Air navigation procedures +33 (0) Pierre Lahourcade     • ATM solutions • Safety and security issues • Management of safety-critical projects Satellite-based CNS Services for the connected aircraft As an effective, secure and safe communication mean, satellite is an excellent enabler of Pan-European provision of ATM services. Thanks to its unique expertise as satellite-based Navigation Service Provider, ESSP proposes satellite-based Communication and Surveillance services for the benefit of the connected aircraft. The company is investing in these fields. Pan-European Certified Services Through SESAR, the European Commission has set an objective for increased efficiency of the ATM services, going through the so-called “digitalization of ATM service”. In this context, ESSP is positioning itself as an “ATM Data Service Provider” and is seeking to deliver other common services for the European ATM community. EGNOS Services Our company delivers the EGNOS services, enabling safer and more accurate user-positioning than GPS-only signals. EGNOS LPV200 approach procedures are similar to ILS CAT I and can be flown in more than 200 European airports. Additionally, 454 airports currently have LPV procedures published in Europe. The ESSP is also committed to supporting EGNOS downstream users. Satellite Navigation Services GNSS Through its EGNOS service center, equipment and application developers, all market sectors can benefit from a standard and free-of-charge expertise on GNSS downstream applications. Our sector-specific experts can also deliver on-demand support for various stages of SBAS/GNSS products and services development such as regulatory framework advices, service definition and marketing or sector specific adoption plans. Export Consulting At the same time, as there is a growing interest from airlines to have their fleet equipped with SBAS capable avionics, some regions of the world are seeking to own and operate their own SBAS systems (Republic of South Korea, Africa...). ESSP is therefore supporting the implementation of new SBAS service provider’s organizations thanks to its long experience in this field.  58 WORLD ATM DIRECTORY & ANSP REPORT 2023 

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