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Prumyslova 462 53003 Pardubice Czech Republic
Over last 2 decades, ERA has reached number of more than 100 instal- lations, deployed in over 64 countries on 5 continents with 24/7 opera- tions fulfilling demanding customer requirements. Nevertheless, more important than given number of references is the experience we have achieved and lessons learnt during implementation of our solutions for air traffic control and management.
ERA has developed unique passive surveillance system VERA-NG that defines new sensor category DPET (Deployable Passive ESM Tracker) tailored for air, maritime and land target surveillance and reconnaissance for defence and electronic warfare purposes.
In parallel, ERA made air traffic control history when deploying the first multilateration system and introducing gate-to-gate surveil- lance. We intend to continue introducing new technologies to adapt to today´s and tomorrow´s challenges.
Next-gen multi-sensor surveillance system. As the world’s airways and runways become congested, the risk of error increases. NEO by ERA uses proven multilateration and automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) technologies to deliver cost effective high-performance surveil- lance solutions for airport surface movement, terminal area and wide area en route control applications.
SQUID Vehicle Tracking Unit
Ground vehicle incursion into critical safety areas
is rising at all airports worldwide. SQUID by ERA minimizes the risk by using a fully standards compliant, vehicle-mounted ADS-B transmitter (squitter) that continually broadcasts a vehicle’s location. Each vehicle is clearly and uniquely identified, providing
an essential addition to any Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS).
Record&Replay&InvestigatoR 3R (Record&Replay&InvestigatoR) is a modern tool in- creasing efficiency during the event investigations intended for safety enhancement, it has been tailored for Safety Department of ANSP. 3R is modular, multi- source, multi-channel and nonstop recording system intended as a stand-alone system to any Air Traffic Management System or its part.
The flight and drone zone planner represents a complex solution for airspace users and providers who look
for a product that seamlessly integrates information
on manned and unmanned aircraft operations and provides real-time aeronautical information for all airspace users.
MasterCare programme
ERA’s industry-leading products are backed by the services and benefits of the MasterCare programme. MasterCare is a complete portfolio of services and comprehensive range of assurance offerings which can be customised to the unique customer, deployment site and service level requirements.
ERIS (ERA Integrated System) represents a product family of Air Traffic Management systems designed for Air Traffic Control and flight planning that has been developed in compliance with ICAO and EUROCONTROL standards. Depending on ATC operations, ERIS is provided as:
• ERIS-ATM a solution for Approach Control Service (APP) or Area Control Service (ACC)
• ERIS-A a solution for Aerodrome Control Service (TWR), known as A-SMGCS
Passive ESM Tracking VERA by ERA provides the next generation in Passive ESM (Electronic Support Measures) Tracking (PET) technology. VERA allows for “good neighbour” status while still being vigilant. It emits zero electromagnetic energy making it invisible to anti-radar missile systems. It sees without being seen. VERA can be easily transported in general purpose vehicles.

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