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  Entry Point North Inesa Stockunaite +46721878609
Flygledningsvägen 2
SE 230 32 Malmö-Sturup Sweden
Entry Point North is one of the largest ATS academies in the world. We care about training and provide competitive services to our customers. With our unique and modern training philosophy, we work closely with each student to enable them to reach their full potential. Our multinational staff originates from more than 30 countries, speaks over 25 languages and brings together a truly global environment. We are a training provider with global reach and local presence: our academies are located in multiple European countries (Sweden, Ireland, Hungary, Denmark, Spain and Belgium) and we deliver training and services at client sites throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. More than 4500 students per year join aviation-related courses at our training sites and at customer premises. At our training sites, we are equipped with
380 radar/pilot simulator training positions and one 360" 3D, five 270"/360" 3D, and twenty-three 180" 3D state-of-the-art simulators.
Our high-quality training solutions include:
• ATC training - Basic ATC, APS, ADI, ACS, APP, ACP rating courses (EUROCONTROL CCC and ICAO) and other ATC-related training courses
• ATS and FIS training - Basic ATS, AFIS, AFIS with Radar, AFIS Refresher and other training courses
• Meteorological training - Aeronautical Meteorologi- cal Observation (AMO) courses
• ATSEP training - Basic, Shared, Qualification (COM, NAV, SUR, DAT, SMC), Meteorology, OJTI and Assessor courses
• Safety training - Accident/Incident Investigation, Safety Management
• Instructor & Assessor training - OJTI, OJTI Refres- her, Assessor and Assessor Refresher, Operational Supervisor and Operational Supervisor Refresher, Train the Trainer, Presentation Techniques, Class- room Techniques, Modern Training Philosophy, Conflict Management
• ATM-related training - Airport Operations, Infor- mation Management, ATM and ATC Technology courses of varying complexity and duration
• Language training - for ATCOs, pilots and aircraft maintenance personnel, as well as courses in general and aviation-related English, and English proficiency tests
• Recruitment services - select exactly the right candidates for the challenging job of an Air Traffic Controller (ATCO) or any other job within the aviation environment
• Simulator services - simulator rental, simulator pilots, and airspace, airport and exercise design.
• Consultancy services - our highly qualified specialists who are experienced in various aviation areas offer consultancy services to Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), airports, airlines and other organisations

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