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78286 Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines France
Egis is an international group delivering consultancy, engineering, project management and operations for transport and mobility, urban development and buildings, water and energy, and the environment.
The group designs and operates smart infrastructure that supports sustainability, preserves or improves quality of life, and serves communities. In aviation, Egis has been providing independent consultancy alongside trusted design and engineering solutions to institutions, air navigation service providers (ANSPs), airport operators, and airlines for over 50 years. Our 2,000 experts, based globally, help shape aviation policy, improve performance, design and build major aviation infrastructure and operate 17 airports.
We are proud of our track record for innovative and customer tailored solutions that increase safety and efficiency of operations, support compliance with international standards, and advance the application of technology. Sustainable development is a defining principle of our work as we accompany customers through this period of significant change and challenge.
Egis is highly regarded in the air traffic management sector, with proven skills and experience across policy, technology and human performance. In a world that expects everyone to do more in terms of environmental efficiency, we are advising on the advent of new types of aircraft and unmanned aerial systems (UAS), remote and virtual technologies, ATM data outsourcing and liberalisation (ADSPs), as well as space- based applications.
Our end-to-end services encompass: R&D and feasibility studies, decision making and strategy, policy and regulatory advice, operational changes affecting airspace, requirements capture and system definition, procurement support, system implementation, change management, economic and financial assessment and operational and safety performance. +44 1252 451713
Sian McCart
Highlights of recent ATM projects include:
• AEROTHAI, Thailand - Safety assurance project for CNS/ATM system modernisation programme
• Avinor, Norway - Safety and Human Factors assurance in support of Remote Towers procurement at 15 airports
• BULATSA, Bulgaria - Support to ATM system change, including strategy, system definition, procurement and deployment
• Civil Aviation Authority, Kenya - ANS masterplan 2015-2030
• DSNA, France – Consulting and engineering for ATM system modernisation for en-route control centres and control towers
• EUROCONTROL – Climate risk impact assessment
• European Commission - Research and study on EGNOS
service and application evolutions for aviation
• European Commission - Support on policy development for three groups key to the implementation of the Single
European Sky (SES)
• Future Flight, UK - Creating a first-of-a-kind safety
framework addressing the full aviation system
• Gulf Cooperation Council, UAE - Air Traffic Management
and airspace roadmap study
• Heathrow Airport, UK - ATM 2040, strategy support.
• Nav Canada - Independent review of Toronto Airspace
to mitigate aircraft noise issues
• PANSA, Poland - Consultancy, training and management
support on SESAR2020 projects
• Skeyes, Belgium - Consultancy for strategic, operational
and technical transformation over next 3 years
• SESAR Joint Undertaking - A major cyber- security study
for the future SWIM-enabled European ATM System
• Skyguide and DNSA - Technical and programme support
to Coflight Cloud Services
• Thales Alenia Space – Preliminary study of
SBAS-ASECNA programme
• Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise (UkSATSE) - Support with upgrading CNS/ATM infrastructure

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