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ERA is a leading company in multilateration, multistatic surveillance, and reconnaissance technology. We develop, manufacture and implement mission-critical systems for military and civil purposes. Over the last 3 decades, ERA has supplied more than 160 installations, deployed in 67 countries on 5 continents with 24/7 operations fulfilling demanding customer requirements.
ERA has developed unique passive system VERA-NG tailored for air, maritime and land targets´ surveillance and reconnaissance for defence and electronic warfare purposes. In parallel, ERA made air traffic control history when deploying the first multilateration system and introducing gate-to-gate surveillance.
MSS-5 is the 5th generation of the Multilateration Surveillance System (MSS) tailored for Air Traffic Management. MSS-5 answers the 5 main challenges of ATM nowadays: traffic density, deployability, time synchronization, safety and security. The system provides accurate real-time localization, tracking and identification of all objects equipped with transponder: at the airport surface, in TMA and En-Route.
SQUID vehicle tracking system provides airports with a tool to monitor and track all ground vehicles on an airport’s surface. SQUID by ERA continuously broadcasts the exact position of each vehicle and thus minimizes the risk of collisions between aircraft and service mobiles (fire and rescue vehicles, tugs, de- icing equipment etc.), especially during low visibility conditions. This easily installed and standard compliant unit uses ADS-B squitter (SQB) based on GNSS.
ERIS-A (Airport) is Air Traffic Management (ATM) system designed for surface ground movement guidance and control system with the capability of detecting objects (airplanes, vehicles, or persons) moving in the defined areas suitable for regional and medium size airports.
ERIS-ATM ERIS Air Traffic Management (ATM) system is an information system designed for radar and procedural air traffic control at all types of ATC centres. It allows for tracking and evaluation of the movement of air objects and fulfilling special functions depending on the location and the way of its particular implementation.
ERIS-COMMS is an information system designed for SW data routing and advanced data dissemination to transfer data between surveillance sensors, communications nods, FIRs within the data communication networks. Following the “need to know” principle, ERIS-COMMS is capable of restricting the sensitive data before transferring them to receiving parties.
LAPDIS (Local Aera Picture Display) application is designed for presentation of target data provided by surveillance sensors on the map background. LAPDIS is typically used by the maintenance engineer of Multilateration Surveillance System for checking of MSS performance.
MIPS & ERIS-DART MIPS represents a comprehensive coverage PREDICTION tool for surveillance systems with a support of various types of analysis (single site coverage, Line Of Sight, Redundancy Analysis, Coverage and Accuracy Simulations of monostatic and multistatic surveillance systems, eg. PSR, MSSR, MLAT, ADS-B, WAM, MSPSR), where ERIS-DART (Data Analysis and Replay Tool) is a VALIDATION tool used for data analysis and evaluation of the surveillance system performance against conformity of EUROCAE specification.
3R Record & Replay & InvestigatoR is a system designed for recording, long-term storage and analytical synchronized replaying of audio, video and data files. Its sub-system “Technical and Investigation Client” (TIC) is suitable for analysing any unordinary events.
IXO SYSTEM is a comprehensive solution for the airspace users and providers for integrating available information regarding aircraft operation, both manned and unmanned (RPAS). Its applications include planning flights and determining drone zones.
  MSS-5 – the latest generation of multilateration surveillance system by ERA
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