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  Innovationsstraße 1 1100 Vienna Austria Markus Klopf FREQUENTIS    COMPANY DESCRIPTION Frequentis, is a global supplier of communication and information systems for control centres with safety-critical tasks such as the ATM control centres. Frequentis develops, integrates and optimises ATM systems and solutions where efficient and flexible high-performance solutions are required. The company’s products and solutions can be found in over 40,000 operator working positions and in approximately 150 countries for over 400 customers on a global level. Frequentis is a global market leader in voice communication systems for air traffic control and a leader in Aeronautical Information Management. The company has been driving innovation throughout its history with many ‘industry firsts’ including the first operational remote digital tower and first military remote tower contract. PRODUCTS/SERVICES Frequentis OneATM: presenting the holistic approach for an outstanding aviation performance With Frequentis OneATM, the company offers a holistic approach to address ATM needs today and, in the future, by leveraging the power of integration uniting market- leading technologies into one open ATM ecosystem. This ATM ecosystem allows the creation of superior operational efficiency while delivering the highest degree of safety. Integrating multiple solutions for highest performance and guaranteed safety and continuity Air Navigation Service Providers seek to introduce the latest technologies to increase overall performance and harmonise operations across the multiple centres they operate. This is where Frequentis makes a difference. Integrating multiple solutions to simplify the way operations are run and to realise highest operational performance to guarantee safety and continuity. Thereby using the latest technologies to support an easier adoption of new organisational set-ups when and where required. Solid foundations for the Frequentis integrated ATM ecosystem The integrated ATM ecosystem is based on a series of key foundations that Frequentis brings together including One Aeronautical Suite, allowing products to be operated in a stand-alone solution. Open interfaces enable the easy integration with other systems while Digitalisation, enhances data exchange allowing the combination of multiple data sources to create a unified view on what is happening so the ATC can take decisions faster and in full confidence. Adding Operational Resilience and the use of Innovation to create safety-critical environments with the highest degree of safety. These are the main foundations upon which Frequentis builds the integrated ATM ecosystem, to achieve the best operational efficiency with the highest degree of safety.  SUPPLIER LISTINGS 59 

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