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  Guntermann & Drunck GmbH Roland Ollek
+49 (271) 23872-0 @gdsys
Obere Leimbach 9 57074 Siegen Germany
Guntermann & Drunck is regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of KVM products for control rooms in air traffic control centers. With a broad portfolio of powerful products to extend, switch and distribute keyboard, video and mouse signals and many years of experience when it comes to installing systems in towers, air traffic control rooms, baggage handling or general control centers at airports, G&D provides users from all applications with maximum customer benefits and real added value.
KVM extends and switches computer signals and thus allows the remote operation of computer technology or the simultaneous access to several computers. G&D KVM solutions optimize your IT equipment and increase productivity for man and machine. As a result, you can benefit from user-friendly, ergonomic control room workstations with less noise and heat. Yet you will still be able to access your computers in real-time – uncompressed, latency-free and at full performance.
G&D is known as an experienced player within the ATC industry and provides decades of experience from cooperation with many renowned integrators and ANSPs. If you need the best possible KVM equipment for your specific application and a completely worry-free solution, then ask for the bespoke KVM systems from G&D.
DP1.2-VisionXG to extend high-resolution 4K and 8K video signals at 60 Hz – pixel-perfect, uncompressed, without any loss and latency-free.
KVM extenders allow users to operate your computers over distances up to 10,000 m whilst maintaining real- time performance. The systems consist of a transmitter and a receiver module.
The immediate working environment, for example in towers or control rooms, remains free from heat and noise emissions since all computers are placed in a central, air-conditioned equipment room.
Here, technicians are able to administrate and maintain the equipment without interrupting the work of the air traffic controllers.
Depending on the application, systems with uncompressed or compressed data transmission are available. The transmission takes place via CAT cables, optical fibers or over IP. Resolutions up to 4K and 8K for best video quality and perfect hand-eye coordination are supported.
Digital and analogue switches are designed to operate 2 to 64 computers via one console consisting of keyboard, monitor and mouse. They allow a peripheral-saving solution for a user-friendly and ergonomic environment. Furthermore, they are the basis to set up redundant computer systems in various areas such as Air Traffic Control.
Redundancy systems running parallel to the primary system can be established. In the event of a system failure, users can simply press a button to switch to a redundant system within a fraction of a second. Technicians are able to administrate and maintain the system in the background without interrupting the ATCO’s work on the primary system.
With KVM matrix systems, users are able to access multiple computers over multiple user consoles simultaneously. They consist of computer modules, central modules and user modules. Matrix systems allow a flexible operation of large, distributed IT installations even with multiple user consoles connected. Digital KVM matrix systems are based on digital video signals like DisplayPort and DVI yet analogue video sources can be connected as well. Any data is transmitted via CAT cables or optical fibres, or via both types of cables. Whether classic KVM or over IP – G&D brings the best of both worlds for the customers and offers solutions
for modular and compact matrix systems as well as for systems for KVM-over-IPTM.

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