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    Avda. De Bruselas 35 28108 Alcobendas Madrid, Spain INDRA +34 914 805 000      COMPANY DESCRIPTION Indra is a leading global technology and consulting company focused on being the technology partner for core business operations of its customers worldwide. It is a world leader in providing proprietary solutions in the Air traffic, Transport and Defense & Security markets, and a leading company in Digital Transformation services through its affiliate Minsait. With more than 100 years of combined experience in the Air Traffic Management industry, Indra has successfully installed more than 300 air traffic control centers in the five continents, representing more than 25% of the total world’s airspace, and implemented over 6,000 ATM solutions proving to be a leading player in every segment of the industry. Indra has set an ambitious goal to boost digitalization through different projects such as the development of a solution that will transform Air Traffic Management by optimizing traffic flow, the provision of services in the cloud -enabling constant evolution-, and the management of airports from remote locations with remote tower solutions. Furthermore, Indra has recently engaged in a project to deploy a constellation of low-orbit satellites that will provide surveillance and communications services to cover oceanic and remote locations. In the field of R&D, Indra is one of the leading companies in SESAR program and a founder and only technology partner of the iTEC Alliance, aimed to develop the Digital European Sky initiative. PRODUCTS/SERVICES Automation–Completesuiteofautomationsolutionsfor ACC, APP and tower, including a cross-border automation system, iTEC, with high interoperability capabilities, and a suite of digital remote tower solutions for managing air traffic in single and multi-airport setups including the first multi-mast visual solution fully integrated with an A-SMGCS system to enable digital tower control operations in large airports. Flow – integrated Network Management system of EUROCONTROL aimed at large scale optimization of air traffic at European level. Surveillance – Complete portfolio of surveillance solutions composed of primary radars, 3D and conventional 2D, second- ary radar, single or with ADS-B integrated, MLAT and WAM. Navigation – Worldwide leader in ILS with more than 50% market share. We provide DME/DVOR integrated solutions. Communications – First and only full IP communication suite of the market, Garex 300 and COMETA®. We also provide analog solutions, Garex 220 and 230, and our recorder system, Neptuno. Aeronautical information – Suite of AIM, SWIM, MET, ATM, AMHS and AIS to AIM solutions and services, including Digital NOTAM solutions, fully integrated with automation systems to provide the right digital aeronautical information at the right time. U-space/UTM – Comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions for the effective deployment of the UTM infrastructure and services to integrate UTM/ATM in the airspace. Our FIMS/CIS platform provides the single point of truth of critical information and other services, through our UTM Hub; UTM Connect, a cloud multiplatform USSP that enables end-user to fly their drones safely; and Crow, a scalable solution that provides the most advanced tools to combat UAS threats. Advisory and services – End-to-end Advisory & Consulting services through ALG, a division specialized in consultancy. Space CNS – Startical, a joint venture with ENAIRE to provide CNS services from a LEO satellite constellation.  SUPPLIER LISTINGS 63 

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