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  Mutlukent Mahallesi 1942 Cadde No:39 06800 Çankaya Ankara
Türkı̇ye +90 312 235 1550 / 240
Başak Doyum
Vice President, Business Development & Marketing
Founded in 1980, “ONUR Yüksek Teknoloji A.Ş.” (ONUR) manufactures mission-critical voice/data communication systems and solutions for defence and civilian sector, with the vision of “to be a regional leader with professional engineering in Voice/Data Communication & Network Enabled Capabilities by having unique and advanced technology”.
ONUR is an independent and privately-owned corporation with a particular focus on three business areas:
• Voice Communication & Recording Systems
• Network Enabled Systems
• CNS & ATM Integration Services
As of 2021, ONUR has delivered over 400 Voice Communication and Recording Systems and our solutions are actively being used in 7 different countries.
ONUR Voice Communication System is a flexible, reliable and effective solution for voice communication needs. It is a state-of-the-art technology with proven components and highly intuitive user interfaces. It meets both civilian and military ATC voice communication requirements.
The system differs from other classic TDM based VCS products by having end to end IP implementation. Based on voice over IP technology, it allows effective interconnection of multiple communication sources including HF/VHF/ UHF radios, telephones, intercom systems and legacy audio distribution systems. It allows the users to access all of the resources to enable reliable and secure air to ground (A/G) and ground to ground (G/G) communication.
ONUR Voice/Data Recording and Replay System is fully redundant, highly available, and easily adaptable solution for all legal recording requirements.
The “open architecture” of the system is designed with modular hardware and software components. It ensures the data is recorded in its original state with proper time stamps, as well as necessary security measures for authorized access. The system is in end-to-end IP configuration.
A very comprehensive set of reporting tools are provided within the system. Different thresholds can be configured for critical resources to notify system administrators in advance of a potential failure.
The OCS-NG4000-RPS is a specially designed voice communication and recording system for integration into UAS ground control stations (GCS). Designed to meet and exceed ATM (air traffic management) industry standards, the IP based system provides seamless interoperability between legacy and next-generation voice communication systems.
Based on standard Voice Over IP (VOIP) communication technologies, the versatile system allows operators to integrate a wide variety of third-party systems such as digital and analogue HF/VHF/UHF radios, all types of telephony interfaces, SATCOM, GSM, intercom systems, and legacy audio distribution systems.
This flexible design allows the creation of integrated ATM/UTM (air traffic management/unmanned traffic management) solutions and fills the voice gap between ATM&UTM.

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