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   NAVBLUE Charles Thornberry
+33 582880237
1-3 Rue Marcel Doret 31700 Blagnac France
NAVBLUE is an Airbus Services company created in 2016, wholly owned by Airbus, and dedicated to Flight Operations and Air Traffic Management Solutions.
Over the last years, Airbus has been supportive of various initiatives such as Going Digital, Performance Based Navigation services, Air Traffic Management modernization programs (SESAR and NextGen), FlySmart on iOS and other digital projects related to new aircraft technologies.
NAVBLUE provides digital solutions and services, and supports both civil and military environments, on the ground and onboard any aircraft and offers expertise in a range of areas, including digital cockpit operations, Operations Control Centre (OCC) systems, Flight Ops Engineering, Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and Air Traffic Management (ATM).
Through digital and collaborative innovation, NAVBLUE’s passionate and customer-focused team develops solutions to enhance the safety and efficiency of air transport.
NAVBLUE employs 480 employees spread across Canada, USA, UK, France, and Thailand, with representatives in several other countries across the globe.
NAVBLUE provides a global offer of bespoke air transport solutions, from air to ground, offering best in class aero data, innovative fleet optimization software and tailored solutions for every need, at every step of air transportation:
NAVBLUE has developed over 850 procedures to optimize capacity and efficiency all around the world. From airports handling
over 300,000 movements to remote and challenging airfields, NAVBLUE can deconflict airspace, improve access to airports and increase capacity. NAVBLUE is a pioneer in the development and implementation of RNP AR APCH procedures around the world and has even developed its own criteria for RNP AR SIDs and RNP AR to ILS operations, accepted by regulators around the world. NAVBLUE is becoming a global leader in the design of TMAs, developing Concepts
of Operations and implementing major airspace changes in Bogotá, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Mexico City. NAVBLUE also designs en-route and FIR airspace to ensure the entire ecosystem benefits from modern design techniques and aircraft technology.
NAVBLUE helps airports maximize their airside operations by leveraging the latest technology and optimizing runway and ground capacity to complement the airspace work as there is no benefit to deploying a new airspace and increasing capacity and efficiency if this effort is not matched on the ground.
NAVBLUE will soon be releasing a new service
which will exploit its expertise regarding on-board technology to help airports better manage their runway operations.
GNSS is more and more the key navigation enabler to support advanced aviation operations. NAVBLUE has services designed for ANSPs to monitor the integrity of the GPS constellation, RAIM, and is the biggest provider of RAIM predictions to the aviation community. NAVBLUE also offers a GNSS Monitoring system to allow ANSPs and Airports to monitor GNSS performance in real time as well as to collect GNSS signal data for analysis.
Airlines solutions:
NAVBLUE also provides navigation data, avionic upgrades, electronic flight bag, flight planning, crew management, documentation, fuel & performance optimization and safety analysis for airlines.
For all procedures designed for the ANSPs and airports, NAVBLUE also takes into account of implementation requirements from the airlines side, including consulting on aircraft configurations, flight operation safety assessment, operational approval, pilot and dispatcher training, RAIM prediction and navigation database services to ensure the operators are able to implement and benefit from the optimization put in place with the ANSPs and Airports.

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