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 8 Wiezowa Str. 02-147 Warsaw Poland (+48 22) 574 50 68 PRODUCTS/SERVICES CONSULTING Tomasz Klosowicz Head of Business Development PANSA POLISH AIR NAVIGATION SERVICES AGENCY      COMPANY DESCRIPTION The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) has been managing air traffic in the Polish sky for over 50 years. PANSA ensures flight operation safety in the Polish airspace, which is the sixth largest in Europe. As an organization that is strategically oriented to safety, effectiveness and development, PANSA perfectly understands the current needs and requirements of the aviation market. Therefore, PANSA participates in the creation of new regulations and standards in the aviation and drone industry. The challenges related to ensuring smooth air traffic and effective airspace management, including matters of sustainable development and innovation, put PANSA in a position of competence and experience to offer wide range of products and services. Services customized to the Clients’ needs and provided by experienced specialists with a solid professional background by PANSA and other aviation institutions. TRAINING Licence courses, basic and refresher training for flight simulation and operation stations training instructors and assessment staff. FLIGHT INSPECTION SERVICES Services of aerodrome ground equipment inspections and validation of instrument flight procedures. SAMPLE system used for creating an actual map of existing obstacles in the vicinity of the selected airport or flight path with the use of inter alia high resolution satellite and UAV data. PansaUTM system responsible for UAV flights coordination and flight plans management in order to meet actual market requirements. COMMON AIRSPACE TOOL (CAT) system used for receiving and verifying reservations of selected airspace structures.       SUPPLIER LISTINGS 71 

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