Page 30 - World ATM Directory & ANSP Report 2023
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    DATE COUNTRY 5-Jan Africa 5-Jan Morocco 19-Jan Kenya 19-Jan Kenya 23-Feb Kenya 10-Mar South Africa 8-Apr Morocco 14-Apr Morocco 14-Apr Morocco 10-Jun Morocco 17-Jun South Africa 24-Jun South Africa 08-Jul Morocco 08-Jul Seychelles 14-Jul Africa 02-Aug South Africa 22-Aug South Africa 22-Aug Congo 05-Sep South Africa 12-Sep Kenya 12-Sep Kenya AFRICA TENDER DESCRIPTION Supply of meteorological equipment for operational centers ADS-B pseudo-radar data reception equipment Voice recorder systems D-ATIS system Supply, installation, training, and commissioning of the area control center and disaster recovery system equipment Integrated Learning Management System (LMS) Maintenance of airport luminous beaconing Luminous beaconing maintenance Flight Strips Supply, installation and commissioning of a landing aid system (ILS) and distance meter (DME) ATFM System 36m lattice mast for DME-DME project PABX maintenance Replacement of Telephone Communication System with a voice over IP solution Acquisition of the Agency’s Meteorological Balloons Delivery and Supply of Dittel Radio Parts AWOS Maintenance Supply of Equipment for the Brazzaville Technical Block and Control Tower WAM-ADSB Phase 1 Aircraft Flight Trial Services Supply of VHF Direction Finder Supply of Transmitters and Receivers at KCAA VHF Station  5-Jan Mali Supply and installation of an automatic aerodrome meteorological observation station 19-Jan Kenya Provision of Back-Up Fiber Optic Links for Key Circuits 19-Jan Kenya WAN & LAN (re-advertisement) 18-Feb Mali Acquisition of equipment for airfield runway stripping 23-Feb Kenya Automated system for the control of obstacles in the vicinity of aerodromes 1-Apr Kenya Aeronautical information management system 8-Apr Tanzania VHF radio communication systems 14-Apr South Africa Flight Progress Strip Holders 28-May Africa Calibration of the Measuring Instruments of ASECNA’s operational centers 17-Jun South Africa Data telecommunication network services and maintenance services 24-Jun Morocco ONDA WAN network outsourcing 01-Jul South Africa Integrated fast time and ATC playback solution 08-Jul South Africa Supply and deliver flight strips 14-Jul Morocco ILS and DME 02-Aug Africa Acquisition of Equipment for Improving VHF Voice Communications 22-Aug South Africa Supply of FAOR SSS & Emergency Tower Disaster Recovery ATC SITTI VCS Positions 22-Aug South Africa Acquisition 3-D Airport Modelling Tool for Remote Air Traffic Service (RATS) Digital Towers Concept 29-Aug South Africa Supply of FAOR SSS & Emergency Tower Disaster Recovery Topsky Positions 05-Sep Senegal Renewal of iDirect Hubs Equipment 12-Sep Kenya Supply of Voice Control and Communication Systems 12-Sep Kenya Supply of Tower and Ground Control VHF Radio Equipment 30 WORLD ATM DIRECTORY & ANSP REPORT 2023 

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