Page 31 - World ATM Directory & ANSP Report 2023
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   DATE COUNTRY 12-Sep Kenya 13-Sep Cape Verde 19-Sep Senegal 26-Sep South Arica 26-Sep Morocco 04-Oct South Africa 04-Oct South Africa 04-Oct Seychelles 04-Oct Kenya 17-Oct Tunisia 24-Oct Morocco 31-Oct Morocco 31-Oct Morocco 31-Oct Morocco 31-Oct South Africa 07-Nov South Africa 08-Nov Angola 14-Nov South Africa 14-Nov Morocco 15-Nov Angola 21-Nov Kenya 29-Nov South Africa 29-Nov Algeria 19-Dec South Africa TENDER DESCRIPTION Supply Mono-Pulse Secondary Surveillance Radar Acquisition and Installation of Air Traffic Surveillance Systems (ADS-B) Implementation of eTOD & AMDB VHF Coastal Coverage Project Information Security Management System Tripoli Nafisat Terminal Installation Luanda VSAT Installation Supply of CISCO Network Equipment Supply of Various IT Systems Supply of VHF Omnidirectional Ranges and DME Renovation and Upgrading of Runway Lighting Supply of VHF Radio Communications Equipment Supply of Radars & Pseudo Radar Detection Systems CAT III Ligthing at Rabat-Salé Airport Development and Piloting of a Runway Occupancy Alerting System Information Technology Online Research Database Consultancy Services for Airspace and ATM Design & Air Navigation Services Training Design, Supply and Installation of RFID Software and Hardware Security Audit & Implementation of ISMS ATC Headsets Provision of Wide Area Network Links IT Disaster Recovery Supply & Installation of Pylon for Telecommunications Equipment Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System  12-Sep Kenya Air Service Agents for Foreign Registered Operators 19-Sep South Africa Bluff Radar SMS Beacon Coaxial Cables & RF Connectors 19-Sep Algeria Supply of AFTN-AMHS/extended ATSMHS Aeronautical Messaging System 26-Sep Morocco Software Maintenance and Support 26-Sep Morocco Cybersecurity Project Management 04-Oct South Africa Supply of an Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) System 04-Oct South Africa Juba Nafisat Terminal Installation 04-Oct Nigeria Various ATC Equipment 10-Oct Rwanda Consulting Services WGS-84 Obstacle Survey 24-Oct Morocco Spare Parts for Air Navigation Services 24-Oct Botswana Expression of Interest for Inclusion in the CAAB Supplier Database 31-Oct Morocco Supply of VCS Equipment 31-Oct Morocco In-flight Calibration Services for Air Navigation Aids 31-Oct South Africa Supply of AMSS, AMHS, AFTN & Disaster Recovery System 07-Nov South Africa Supply, Delivery and Training of General Test Equipment 08-Nov Angola DVOR/DME Systems 14-Nov South Africa Replacement of Instrument Landing System 14-Nov Morocco Training on ATN and CPDLC Air/Ground Exchanges 15-Nov Angola HF Equipment 21-Nov South Africa VSAT Parts 22-Nov Angola AIM System and Consultancy Services 29-Nov South Africa Integrated Fast Time & ATC Playback Solution 07-Dec South Africa Proof of Concept Trial for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems TENDER INFORMATION SERVICE If you would like to publish your tenders in future editions please contact 31 

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