Page 33 - World ATM Directory & ANSP Report 2023
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   DATE COUNTRY TENDER DESCRIPTION  24-Jun Singapore Supply of Multi Mission Radar Spares 24-Jun Singapore 01-Jul Singapore 08-Jul Singapore 08-Jul Singapore 28-Jul Sri Lanka 28-Jul Singapore 02-Aug India 16-Aug Bangladesh 22-Aug Sri Lanka 29-Aug Sri Lanka 29-Aug India 05-Sep Pakistan 12-Sep Bangladesh 20-Sep Israel 26-Sep Oman 26-Sep India 04-Oct Oman 10-Oct Oman 10-Oct India 24-Oct India 25-Oct China 31-Oct Philippines 07-Nov Jordan Airfield Lighting System spares (2) Supply and Maintenance of Communication System Multi Mission Radar Spares UAV H1-Support Equipment Three microwave radio links Airfield Maintenance System spares New ATC Tower cum Technical Block at Mandurai Airport Calibration of Radio Navigational Facilities & Supply of VHF Repeaters Design, Supply & Installation of Self Supporting Communication Tower Annual Flight Inspection and Flight Validation for Airport & Aviation Services ARMO of E&M Installations Headsets with 3D Aerodrome & Radar Simulator Various Radar System Spares Supply of Continuous Friction Measuring System Meteorological Stations ARMO of E&M Installations PANS-OPS Team Qualification Project Firewall System for Meteorology New ATC Tower cum Technical Block Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring System Instrument Landing System Equipment Supply of Hand Microphone and Headset Upgrade of MSSR-S 20 MP/S Operating System 24-Jun Singapore Airfield Lighting System Spares 08-Jul Pakistan AVDGS system spares 08-Jul Singapore Supply of Multi Mission Radar Spares 22-Jul Singapore Simulator Training Services 28-Jul Singapore Supply of Ground Based Air Defence System Spares 28-Jul Singapore Airfield Arresting System spare 08-Aug China Air Traffic Control Equipment 17-Aug Japan ATIS Air-to-Air Communication Equipment Renewal Work 22-Aug Israel Provision of Instrument Flight Procedures and Air Space Design 29-Aug Pakistan Installation of ILS/DME Equipment 30-Aug Japan ATC Simulator Hardware 05-Sep Bangladesh New Instrument Landing System 20-Sep Thailand New ATC Tower 20-Sep Bangladesh WX Radar Spares 26-Sep India New ATC Tower cum Technical Block 04-Oct Oman Supply of Spear Part for HF Wave Radar Stations 10-Oct Philippines Instrument Landing System 10-Oct Oman CAA Network Infrastructure Refreshment 19-Oct South Korea Construction of Air Traffic Data System 24-Oct Brunei Procedural Airspace Design and ATC Procedure 25-Oct China Automatic Meteorological Observation System 31-Oct Bangladesh Calibration of Radio Navigational, Visual & RNAV facilities 07-Nov Bangladesh Spare Parts for ILS-14 TENDER INFORMATION SERVICE If you would like to publish your tenders in future editions please contact 33 

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