Page 34 - World ATM Directory & ANSP Report 2023
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   DATE COUNTRY 08-Nov China 21-Nov Sri Lanka 21-Nov Brunei 29-Nov Pakistan 29-Nov Bangladesh 07-Dec Malaysia 07-Dec India 13-Dec Bangladesh 19-Dec India 19-Dec Bangladesh DATE COUNTRY TENDER DESCRIPTION Supply of Main Voice Communication Exchange System Supply of Microwave Radio Links Flight Calibration Services NTP Time Server Taxiway Lighting System Renovation Comprehensive Maintenance of Air Traffic System Supply of VHF Stacked Dipole Antenna Procurement and Installation of Digital PABX Exchange Provision of MPLS Link for DVOR-DME Site Renovation and Replacement of Airport Ground Lighting System AUSTRALASIA TENDER DESCRIPTION Air Mission Training System Technology Services Support for Integrated Airspace Program Provision of Tower Meteorological Display System Tactical Logistics Uncrewed Aerial Systems (LOG-UAS) for the Land Force Rapid Analysis Missile Modelling and Simulation (RAMMS) Capability Upgrade Mobile Retransmission System (MRS) Acquisition and Support Radar Towers Structural Refurbishment HF radio system TIFP Validation and Revalidation Services Second Solomon Islands Roads and Aviation Project  15-Nov China VHF Communication Systems 21-Nov India Construction of Procedural Approach & Area Control Simulator Lab 22-Nov Mongolia Air Traffic Controller Headsets 29-Nov China Distance Measuring Equipment 07-Dec Malaysia Maintenance of Multilateration System 07-Dec Pakistan Spares for AVDGS System 13-Dec Sri Lanka Building Construction for Meteorological Services 14-Dec China Procurement of ILS-DME 19-Dec China Supply of AWOS      26-Jan Australia LAND 129 Phase 4B Small Unmanned Aerial System 4-Feb Australia 4-Feb Australia 4-Mar Australia 25-Mar Australia 25-Mar Australia 15-Apr Australia 24-Jun Australia 08-Jul Fiji 12-Sep Australia 04-Oct Solomon Islands 4-Feb Australia Digital Services Platform (DSP) 4-Mar Australia Air Traffic Management Digital Twin RFI 11-Mar Australia Mast and Antenna 25-Mar Australia Navy Aviation Technician Training Service 15-Apr Australia Quoin Ridge HF Pilot 3-Jun Australa HMAS Albatross Tactical Air Control and Navigation System Relocation 08-Jul Australia Remote Aerodrome Inspection Services 02-Aug Australia Airservices Digital Twin Request for Tender 19-Sep Australia Notice of RFT for Joint Australian Defence Force SAR Contract 04-Oct Australia SpaceFest Lite 34 WORLD ATM DIRECTORY & ANSP REPORT 2023 

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