Page 36 - World ATM Directory & ANSP Report 2023
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   DATE COUNTRY 4-Feb Sweden 4-Feb Slovakia 4-Feb UK 4-Feb Spain 11-Feb Germany 11-Feb United Kingdom 11-Feb United Kingdom 11-Feb Turkey 18-Feb Germany 18-Feb Croatia 18-Feb Netherlands 18-Feb Luxembourg 25-Feb Belgium 25-Feb Poland 25-Feb Slovakia 4-Mar France 4-Mar Romania 4-Mar Poland 4-Mar Spain 4-Mar Spain 11-Mar Spain 17-Mar Belgium TENDER DESCRIPTION Lamps for air traffic control and flight lighting Repairs and regular maintenance of AWOS airport meteorological systems and equipment GNSS Antenna & Receiver Updating of the voice communications system Software-Defined - Wide Area Network Drone BVLOS Air Risk Research Radome Replacement SM, DLM, and PDS in TURKEY (RSRP,FPS-117,RAT-31,MPR,COMMS) Horizon Europe Project: Implementation of the Aerodrome ‘Triple One’ Concept Air traffic control systems European Tender: Ecosystem orchestrator for Moon & Mars Innovation Sentinel radar system AN/MPQ-64 spare parts Experts in Airspace Design, Maintenance of DDR2 back-end servers, DDR2 and ERNIP public web LAN equipment Wind stations for AWOS systems English language training specialized in aeronautics and of a general nature Semi-automatic AWOS system Portable receiver for UAV monitoring Repair and/or replacement of equipment, modules, and R&S cards Replacement of emergency lighting Determination of obstacles and other points of interest at Barcelona and Madrid airports Support for surveillance anomalies investigation  4-Feb Spain Support services for activities in air traffic control (atc) automation systems 4-Feb Spain Obstacle and topography surveillance service 4-Feb UK Alternative Navigation - Data Merging 4-Feb Spain SCADA maintenance 11-Feb Italy Modernization of weather radar systems 11-Feb Turkey OSM, PDS, DLM & CM ON S-743D, S-723 and AR-327 radar systems 11-Feb Lithuania Aerodrome Flight Simulator 11-Feb Belgium FPS-117 Signal & Data Processors & IFF Interrogator Upgrade 18-Feb Italy Maintenance intervention DVOR 18-Feb Denmark HF transmitters and receivers 18-Feb Netherlands Nationwide E-VPN data communication services 18-Feb Belgium Market Study - AWOS 25-Feb Poland ATC Signal Light Gun 25-Feb Sweden Framework Agreement for Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) 25-Feb Spain Location of UHF repeater equipment 4-Mar Poland Air traffic management system (ATM - Air Traffic Management) 4-Mar Poland Lease of space for the installation of ADS-B / FLARM / GSM receiving infrastructure 4-Mar Poland Calibration of measuring instruments 4-Mar Spain Corporate noise and flight path monitoring system 4-Mar Spain Identification of opportunities for the development of air cargo traffic 11-Mar Poland Provision of telecommunications data transmission services with the use of lines in the STM-1 and E1 technology, divided into 5 parts 36 WORLD ATM DIRECTORY & ANSP REPORT 2023 

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