Page 36 - World ATM Directory & ANSP Report 2020
P. 36

  Date Country Tender
  02 March 2019 Netherlands Remote Tower Operations
  02 March 2019 North Macedonia Initial Training for ATCOs
  02 March 2019 Poland Delivery of receivers to monitor the state of the GNSS signal
 08 March 2019 Belgium Twelve LENOVO SR650 Servers
 08 March 2019 Belgium Simulation Technical Expert Network Operations Management / Airspace Simulation DNM/SIM RTS Project
  08 March 2019 Czech Republic AGAS Air Surveillance System
  08 March 2019 Ireland Instrument Runway Visual Range (IRVR) Systems
 08 March 2019 Ireland Air Traffic Control Training
 08 March 2019 Italy Installation of ENAV Network Equipment, with the related activities and support for migration to the new E-NET network 2
  08 March 2019 Italy Technical and economic feasibility design, final design and safety coordination during the design phase for a new building for ACC
  08 March 2019 Poland Oscilloscopic recorder
  08 March 2019 Serbia Specialist training in civil aviation
  08 March 2019 Spain Maintenance of software and SCADA applications
  08 March 2019 Spain Services to Support the Operating Requirements of ATM Systems
  15 March 2019 Belgium NUTANIX Hyperconverged server nodes
 15 March 2019 Romania Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)
 22 March 2019 Belgium SESAR 2020 Execution of Testing for LDACS Compatibility to DME/TACAN/JTIDS- MIDS
  22 March 2019 Belgium Support to SESAR PJ02 project coordination
  22 March 2019 Germany Calibration of the DFS meter inventory
  23 March 2019 Poland Construction of air traffic control tower at Warsaw airport
  23 March 2019 Portugal Supply and installation of VCS
  23 March 2019 Spain Functional improvements for Sacta
 23 March 2019 Spain Tetra Atex communication equipment
 29 March 2019 Belgium Support to SWIM Compliance of NM B2B Services under SDM project C15_319_AF5 SWIM Common Components
  29 March 2019 Poland Delivery of a system for handling AMHS terminals
 29 March 2019 Portugal Construction of airport control tower
 29 March 2019 Spain Acquisition of software simulation planning and design of operations of the airside: AviPlan Airside
  29 March 2019 Spain Consulting and assistance for the updating of aeronautical easements of aerodromes
  03 April 2019 Belgium CAFE Maintenance and Evolution
  05 April 2019 Poland Data transmission service in xWDM technology
  05 April 2019 Romania Data communications services on digital radio support
  05 April 2019 Spain Equipment maintenance service for the Tetra system
 12 April 2019 Austria Surface Movement radar systems
 12 April 2019 Belgium Development contract for the provision of support for the FEAST new English language web-based tool
 12 April 2019 Belgium S2020 PJ08 Support to Validation - Application of AI techniques to assess Airspace Capacity
 12 April 2019 Belgium Development of training and guidance material for the role of ESCAPE Stimulation Technical Coordinator (STC_Light)
  12 April 2019 Belgium Provision of SDO-SDD tasking support for European AIS Database (EAD)
  12 April 2019 Belgium IRiS Research To Deployment
  12 April 2019 Belgium Time-based services of a Date Warehouse developer
  12 April 2019 France APOC Hyper Visor
  12 April 2019 France Maintenance in operational condition of fixed and mobile control towers
  12 April 2019 Germany Airport Surveillance System (SUR)
 12 April 2019 Netherlands Fixed telephony SIP trunk service

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