Page 37 - World ATM Directory & ANSP Report 2023
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   DATE COUNTRY TENDER DESCRIPTION  17-Mar Spain Air traffic control systems 18-Mar Belgium 18-Mar Belgium 25-Mar Belgium 25-Mar Belgium 25-Mar Belgium 25-Mar Luxembourg 25-Mar Poland 1-Apr United Kingdom 8-Apr Germany 8-Apr Belgium 8-Apr United Kingdom 8-Apr Poland 15-Apr Spain 15-Apr Luxembourg 21-Apr Belgium 21-Apr Poland 21-Apr Belgium 29-Apr Poland 29-Apr Ireland 29-Apr Luxembourg 6-May United Kingdom 6-May Poland New Access Control System Acquisition of VMWare licenses and support Air Transport Operational Innovation Expert Committee Outsourcing ARTAS support development Delivery of modules in COM courses Supply of DART equipment for AN/FPS-117 and AN/TPS-77 radar Design and Construction of DVOR DME Provision of Remotely Piloted Air System for LSOC Sites Aviation Training Services for EASA Outsourcing SDDS support development Provision of an Integrated Aerodrome Operations Management System Calibration of Aeroflex IFR 1 Air traffic control systems Motor antenna for RAT-31 External Experts to support the SESAR 3 JU Scientific Committee (SESAR) Telecommunications data transmission service Data Analysis for DME Multipath Study OR Wroclaw II Radiocommunication Facility New Airfield Lighting Individual Lamp Control and Monitoring System (ILCMS) MSSR 200I(D) Radar maintenance, post design and configuration Isles of Scilly airport meteorological station Design and construction of a radio communication center with the necessary infrastructure and commissioning of OR Modlin 18-Mar Belgium Provision of Expert and Incident support for Oracle products 25-Mar Belgium Enterprise Architecture Tooling 25-Mar Belgium SKYbrary knowledge management and platform maintenance support 25-Mar Belgium Outsourcing SDDS support development 25-Mar Belgium Modernization of DPI and API Validation tools in support of Airport Network Connectivity Integration Concepts 25-Mar Poland Delivery of 15 airport area control radar systems (RKRL) 25-Mar Spain Maintenance service of SCADA Wonderware Systems 1-Apr Belgium Open-ALAQS Technical support for upgrade 8-Apr Belgium Digital European Sky calls (SESAR) 8-Apr Belgium PENS PMU Support Specialist 8-Apr Spain Maintenance service for SCADA 15-Apr Poland Design and Construction of the DVOR DME Radio Navigation Facility 15-Apr United Kingdom Multi-Mode Radar RFI 21-Apr Denmark ATCO Recruitment, education and training services 21-Apr Romania Training courses for ATC, FIS and AIS personnel 21-Apr Ireland Off Airfield Radar 29-Apr Spain Update of the Gemyc system and adaptation to Tetra 29-Apr Poland Delivery of an air traffic management system (ATM - Air Traffic Management) 29-Apr Germany Implementation of an Airport Weather and Surface Analyzer (AWASA) system 6-May Belgium SESAR PJ02 - Increased runway and airport throughput - ACAP Platform - Integration of ACAP Web Applications 6-May Greece Airport Surveillance Systems (SUR) 6-May Belgium Lenovo Workstations and ThinkPads TENDER INFORMATION SERVICE If you would like to publish your tenders in future editions please contact 37 

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