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   DATE COUNTRY 15-Jul Belgium 15-Jul Spain 22-Jul Belgium 22-Jul Poland 22-Jul Belgium 03-Aug Poland 03-Aug Germany 03-Aug France 08-Aug Belgium 08-Aug Croatia 16-Aug Belgium 16-Aug Belgium 23-Aug Belgium 30-Aug Sweden 30-Aug Belgium 06-Sep Spain 06-Sep Netherlands 06-Sep Belgium 06-Sep Denmark 12-Sep Belgium 13-Sep France 20-Sep Italy 20-Sep Croatia TENDER DESCRIPTION Expert in support of master plan data maintenance Provision of transponder, radar Nasams air defence system spares DME Jawor Contracting of a long term investment loan (10 years) Delivery of Trading Consoles to the Gdansk ATC Center Study on the Impact Analysis, Prevention and Management of ATCOs Fatigue Various Management and Monitoring Services for Bénifontaine Aerodrome Study on Measuring Performance of Dynamic Airspace Management Procurement of Electrical Measuring Instruments UAS Traffic Monitoring Extension for Supporting UAS Risk Assessment Single European Sky Interoperability Improvement of SKYbrary Accident & Incident Library Consultancy Aviation Safety Regulation Acquisition of Commvault Lifecycle Update, Licenses and Support Management of Flow Control Tools Development & Operational Support Market Consultation Strategic Security Partner Expert for Ionosphere Monitoring Data & Post Analysis Naviair IT Consulting Services EATM-CERT Vulnerability Scanning Solution Propulse Program Technical Assistance and Maintenance of Cisco Systems Network Equipment New CroFAST System  15-Jul Belgium Acquisition of IT Displays 22-Jul Belgium Antenna access spine platform 22-Jul Spain SACTA management of tactical trajectories 22-Jul Belgium SESAR 3 Development Support Services (S3DSS) to the SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking 02-Aug Germany Multilateration System for Air Layer Display 03-Aug Belgium Performance Assessment Reports (PAR) for SESAR Solutions 03-Aug Italy New Control Tower and Technical Block 08-Aug Spain Control Tower Equipment 08-Aug Czech Republic Training Simulators 16-Aug Poland Delivery of CNS Measuring Instruments 16-Aug Belgium ELPAC Test Design and Instructor Support 23-Aug Belgium Support to DECMA/AIU Economic Work Programme 23-Aug Belgium Enterprise Architecture Tooling 30-Aug Belgium Expert in PRISMIL Services 30-Aug Belgium Air Traffic Control Tower Extension 06-Sep Poland Delivery of Radio Take-Outs 06-Sep Latvia Unmanned Aircraft Management and Monitoring System 06-Sep Belgium Air Domain Cyber Resilience & Aviation Cyber Exercise 12-Sep Belgium Provision of Linux Security Expert Support 13-Sep Poland Various IT Specialists 13-Sep France Data Migration Service for Aeronautical Information Service 20-Sep Czech Republic ATM Training 21-Sep France Operation and Maintenance of Instrument Landing Systems TENDER INFORMATION SERVICE If you would like to publish your tenders in future editions please contact 39 

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