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   DATE COUNTRY 21-Sep Belgium 21-Sep Belgium 26-Sep Germany 26-Sep Croatia 27-Sep Spain 04-Oct Spain 04-Oct Belgium 05-Oct Spain 05-Oct Greece 10-Oct Poland 18-Oct United Kingdom 18-Oct Slovenia 18-Oct Belgium 18-Oct Belgium 25-Oct United Kingdom 25-Oct Poland 25-Oct Malta 25-Oct Belgium 25-Oct Croatia 25-Oct Bosnia & Herzegovina 01-Nov Spain 01-Nov Spain 02-Nov Belgium 07-Nov Belgium TENDER DESCRIPTION Training Administrative Assistants Supply of Electronic Data for Worldwide Flight Schedules 2023 Doppler VHF Rotary Beacons (DVOR) & UHF Range Finders (DME) Electromagnetic Field Measurement of CNS Devices and Systems R&S VCS-4G Voice Communication System Spare Parts Repair of Equipment at Various Air Navigation Facilities Provision of Aviation Data and Software Subscriptions ATM System Engineering Support Service Air Navigation Systems UAV for Test Works on DTM Autonomia System Provision of Aerodrome Control Simulator Servers for the Safety Nets Operating System Implementation of SMART ATIS System Replacement of Weather Forecasting System Equipment for Drone Operations and Flight Management Reconstruction of DVOR/DME Radio Navigation Facility Integration of Digital Tower Technologies Network Prototyping Platform Developments AMC Software Portal Upgrade Maintenance and Improvement of Technological Systems Spare Parts for Voice Communication Systems Maintenance of Air Safety Database & Air Safety Reports Multi-domain Aerial Surveillance Expert in PRISMIL Services  21-Sep Belgium Nutanix Encryption Licenses 26-Sep Romania Supply of D-ATIS Systems 26-Sep Belgium AudioLan Third Party Maintenance 26-Sep Austria HF Measuring Devices and Flight Radios 27-Sep Spain Acquisition of Communication Equipment and Spare Parts for Air Navigation 04-Oct Spain Obstacle Study 04-Oct Belgium CEF Transport Call 05-Oct Slovenia CNS Software Maintenance 10-Oct Sweden Air Traffic Control Software Development Services 10-Oct Czech Republic Network Traffic Detection and Evaluation System 18-Oct Spain Replacement of ILS/DME System 18-Oct Poland Construction of DVOR / DME Radio Navigation Facility 18-Oct France Optical Connection Works 19-Oct Spain Engineering Tools and Licenses for ATM Systems 25-Oct Spain Support Services for Aeronautical Easement and Obstacle Control 25-Oct Poland Ground Traffic Data for Drone Traffic Management System 25-Oct Belgium RFF Specifications, Quality Control and Certification 25-Oct Belgium eTOKAI SW Maintenance and Deployment 25-Oct Bulgaria Technical Solutions for Cybersecurity 01-Nov Spain Supply of Microwave Radio Links 01-Nov Spain Spare Parts for Secondary Radar Systems 01-Nov Belgium Hybrid PNT Study including High Altitude Pseudo Satellites 07-Nov Belgium Guntermann & Drunck KVM Solutions and Extenders 40 WORLD ATM DIRECTORY & ANSP REPORT 2023 

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