Page 38 - World ATM Directory & ANSP Report 2020
P. 38

  Date Country Tender
 05 July 2019 Poland Air traffic control devices
 05 July 2019 Spain Service for the management of the development of operational support tools and flow control of Enaire
  05 July 2019 United Kingdom Wireless telecommunications system
  10 July 2019 Belgium Integration NM Safety Management Tools (eTOKAI, RAT, ASMT, APF)
 10 July 2019 Poland Modernization of the ECG node
 10 July 2019 Poland Delivery of a supervisory data distribution system and implementation of the network infrastructure of the surveillance data distribution system
 10 July 2019 Serbia and Montenegro Panoramic camera system
 19 July 2019 Poland System of recording of voice correspondence and video display (Audio Video Record Playback System)
  19 July 2019 Poland Modernization of the infrastructure network
  19 July 2019 Portugal KVM extenders
  19 July 2019 Serbia and Montenegro Spare Parts for Telecommunication Systems
 19 July 2019 Spain Mobile converter
 24 July 2019 Belgium Validation & Human Factors Expert Network Operations Management / Airspace Simulation DNM/SIM RTS Project 2019-2022
  25 July 2019 Belgium Cost of delay methodology update
  25 July 2019 Belgium Time-based assistance of a Java Software Engineer
  25 July 2019 Belgium Tasking Support to develop a new AIS-AIM Guide
  25 July 2019 Ireland Market soundings exercise for the provision of Flight Inspection Services
  26 July 2019 Norway Air traffic control software package
  26 July 2019 Poland Provision of network equipment service and license delivery
 01 August 2019 Belgium Call for Tenders concerning the SkyClips 2019-2022
 09 August 2019 Belgium Development of a model of the sequencing of arrival flights performed by air traffic controllers using control theory
  09 August 2019 Czech Republic ATC consoles and low ATC tables
  15 August 2019 Belgium ESCAPE Test and Support
  15 August 2019 Ireland Aviation Warning Lights (AWL)
  22 August 2019 Poland Telecommunication services for transmission of data
 22 August 2019 Serbia and Montenegro Spare parts for anemometers of the MIDAS IV Vaisala system
 22 August 2019 Serbia and Montenegro Technical support for VHF/UHF radio systems maintenance in the postwarranty period
 29 August 2019 Belgium Drone Traffic Collision Risk Assessment Tool Demonstrator
 29 August 2019 Belgium Design and construction of the EUROCONTROL stand at the World ATM Congress 2020
 29 August 2019 Netherlands Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) Application
 29 August 2019 Serbia and Montenegro Procurement of a new version of software tool for constructing instrument flight procedures
  29 August 2019 Serbia and Montenegro Acquisition of hardware and software for automatic meteorological station
  29 August 2019 Spain SCADA software update
  05 September 2019 Belgium Provision of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) and feeds
  05 September 2019 Ireland Surface Movement Control Consultancy
  05 September 2019 Serbia and Montenegro Support and maintenance service of the ATM fallback Fasos system.
  05 September 2019 Serbia and Montenegro Procurement and installation of NDB systems
 13 September 2019 Belgium Acquisition and delivery of Lenovo Servers for the EUROCONTROL MaastrichtUAC
 13 September 2019 Belgium Preparation, delivery and maintenance of Team Resource Management (TRM) Awareness and Facilitation courses for the EUROCONTROL Institute of Air Navigation
Services (IANS).
 13 September 2019 Germany Airport surveillance system and lighting system
 13 September 2019 Germany Air traffic control system
  13 September 2019 Greece Supply of electronic spare parts and IT and networking equipment, special air navigation systems.

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