Page 41 - World ATM Directory & ANSP Report 2023
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   DATE COUNTRY TENDER DESCRIPTION  07-Nov Belgium EGNSS Applications for Smart Mobility 07-Nov Belgium 08-Nov Spain 08-Nov Spain 14-Nov Spain 14-Nov Belgium 15-Nov Belgium 21-Nov Belgium 22-Nov Spain 22-Nov Romania 22-Nov Poland 29-Nov Spain 29-Nov Romania 07-Dec Belgium 07-Dec Belgium 08-Dec Spain 08-Dec Spain 08-Dec Spain 08-Dec Slovenia 13-Dec Slovenia 13-Dec Germany 13-Dec Belgium 13-Dec Czech Republic 14-Dec Spain Aviation Training on Innovative Domains Support Services for the SysRed Development Plan Support Services for Air Navigation Safety Assessment Coordination Technical Assistance for Obstacle Control Contrail Observatory IT Automation Support Expert Support to the Procurement Team Management of Air Navigation System Tools and Equipment Non-Directional Beacon Construction of Radio Communications Facility Technical Support for Air Navigation Data Network Acquisition of GNSS System SUR Implementation Monitoring, Assessments and Support Impact monitoring of EU Aviation R&I Validation of Drone Receiver Support Service for the Functional Definition of Operational Systems in the Airport Area Supply of Equipment for SIRA System Update VHF System Supply of VoIP VCS System New Runway Lighting Competitiveness and Digital Transformation in Aviation Grant SUR Data Recording and Monitoring Equipment Change of Tower Lighting System 07-Nov Austria ATM Trainee Support 08-Nov Spain Support Services for CIDETMA 14-Nov Spain Voice Communication System Update 14-Nov Spain Installation of Runway Lights 15-Nov Ireland Air Traffic Control Training 21-Nov Belgium IBM Passport Advantage Subscription & Support Agreement 21-Nov Belgium Technical Support on Aviation Emissions & Impact Assessment 22-Nov Spain Deployment of ORION System 22-Nov Romania Air Traffic Control Simulation 22-Nov Italy Market Survey for Microfocus Data Protector Backup System Assistance 29-Nov Spain SACTA Equipment Acquisition & Improvement of Simulator Equipment 29-Nov Belgium CEF 2 Transport - SESAR Projects 07-Dec Belgium Atlassian Licenses 08-Dec Sweden Air Traffic Control Software Development Services 08-Dec Spain Support to Navigation and Surveillance Division in Aeronavigation Systems 08-Dec Spain Supply of ILS/DME System 08-Dec Spain Management of Communications Projects, CPD and Security in Airport Field 08-Dec Italy Switch Allied-Telesis for E-NET2 Network 13-Dec Serbia Replacement of Meteorological Instruments 13-Dec Belgium New Building Eurocontrol Innovation Hub 13-Dec Belgium Aviation Research Synergies between Horizon Europe, AZEA and National Programs 14-Dec Spain Hardware for CNS Systems TENDER INFORMATION SERVICE If you would like to publish your tenders in future editions please contact 41 

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