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    DATE COUNTRY 7-Jan Pakistan 14-Jan India 21-Jan Singapore 26-Jan Bangladesh 10-Feb Singapore 11-Feb India 18-Feb Pakistan 18-Feb Singapore 23-Feb Nepal 4-Mar Sri Lanka 4-Mar Pakistan 11-Mar Iraq 1-Apr Singapore 15-Apr Singapore 15-Apr Singapore 21-Apr Jordan 21-Apr Bahrain 29-Apr Pakistan 13-May Singapore 28-May Singapore 3-Jun Singapore 17-Jun Singapore ASIA TENDER DESCRIPTION Red PAPI lights filter MPLS and P2P links UAV-H450 Spares Providing and fixing spare parts for Apron flood lighting system Airfield Lighting spares Modernization of Air Traffic Control Services AFL lamps procurement Provision of Consultancy Services for UAS Traffic Management (UTM) Development ATC communication equipment 18m Apron Flood Light Masts Approach lighting systems (Pre-solicitation) Air Traffic Control Tower Provision of Wind Tunnel Testing Services for Singapore Aviation Academy UAV-H1 Support Equipment Supply of Ground Based Air Defence System Spares Portable VHF Bahrain International Airport VHF Support & Maintenance for 3 years EVHF tower UAV-H1 SPARES Airfield Maintenance System Support Equipment Airfield Lighting System spares UAV-H1 Spares  7-Jan Pakistan Power amplifier 7-Jan Pakistan SMR 14-Jan India Modernization of ATC services 21-Jan Singapore Supply of Multi Mission Radar Spares 28-Jan Brunei AIS to AIM transition 10-Feb Bangladesh Supply, installation, and testing of VHF transceiver and communications items 11-Feb India Three dimensional training facility 18-Feb Singapore Subscription of Trunk Radio System Services 18-Feb Vietnam Supply of ultrasonic anemometer WMT 703 25-Feb Bangladesh ATS radar 4-Mar Sri Lanka Supply of Cable and Antenna Analyzer with Spectrum Analyzer 10-Mar Bangladesh Extension of network & connectivity of IP PABX System 17-Mar Pakistan YLC-2A radar spares, NDB system spares 1-Apr Philippines AWOS Database Server Use for Air Navigation Service (ANS) 15-Apr Singapore Airfield Lighting System spare 15-Apr Singapore Supply of RBS70 Spares 21-Apr Bangladesh Consulting firm (national) for air transportation management software 29-Apr Singapore Airfield Lighting System spare 13-May Singapore UAV-H1 spares - Multiplexer 13-May Singapore UAV-H450 spares 3-Jun Singapore Airfield Lighting System spare - circuit card assembly 3-Jun Brunei AWOS replacement 32 WORLD ATM DIRECTORY & ANSP REPORT 2023 

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