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  SITTI Via Cadorna 69/73 20055 Vimodrone - Milano Italy COMPANY DESCRIPTION +39 02 250 71 21 Roberto Weger Innovation Manager PRODUCTS/SERVICES SITTI top performance VCS system is the MULTIFONO® platform that fully integrates the latest technical achievements with user-friendly needs at operator level, fully complying to the latest international standards issued by the international standardization bodies (e.g. EUROCAE VoIP ED137). Fixed and transportable systems are envisaged, as well as server-based solutions. These latter enhance the intrinsic capability of our solutions to be installed on COTS components and provide true regional/national geographical distribution, combined with unparalleled reliability. Design, implementation and evolution of SITTI solutions worldwide are constantly led by the willingness of improving our driving targets: reliability, performance, ultimate technology, user-friendliness, in order to provide Customers with fully integrated solutions capable of coping with demanding and evolving performance environments. This allows coexistence of both standard and legacy radio and telephone communication devices and protocols, analogue and digital, legacy and VoIP. Ancillary products, such as VOIP Gateways and Recorders, GPS Time Reference systems, Field Deployable Systems, ergonomic Tower and ACC consoles, integrated Communication and Information Solutions, complete the offer to provide a complete answer to Customer needs, thus making SITTI a “one stop” solution provider. Full membership and direct active involvement in international standardization workgroups, commitment to the development and implementation of the most advanced technological operating functions, attention to the evolving Customer needs are the strength points of SITTI. THE VOICE THAT GUIDES YOU. ALWAYS.®     SITTI is world leader in the design, manufacturing and installation of integrated solutions for Air Traffic Control, with special emphasis on integrated Voice Communication Switching (VCS) systems. The company has extensive experience and expertise in radio and telephone communications covering analogue, digital and IP-based technologies. This makes SITTI a primary reference point, widely confirmed by its continued successful growth in the constantly evolving VCS market. Confirming the company solid leadership in communications systems, SITTI is today present in most countries in the world with a very large base of installed VCSandancillaryequipmentandservices.Thehighlevel of scalability and modularity at the core of SITTI solutions and the large integration capabilities allow SITTI products to meet challenging operational, technical and support requirements for all Air Traffic Control needs, ranging from small airfield towers to very large ACC centres Worldwide. Operational and technical training, on site Customer assistancethroughqualifiedandskilledpersonnel,coupled with remote maintenance connection facilities, provide outstanding primary and long term system support, wherever reliable integrated and secure communications are required.  74 WORLD ATM DIRECTORY & ANSP REPORT 2023 

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