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  ROSE Simulation +49 9374 9797 560
Am Steinig 1 63863 Eschau Germany
  Visit us at World ATM Congress 2020
Stand 1220 (SkySoft-ATM)
ROSE Simulation offers cutting-edge technology and customized solutions for ATC simulation and training environments. Founded by two experts in the field of air traffic control, academy training and software development, the company is predestined to address the true ATC training demands of air navigation service providers, airports and universities.
Furthermore, ROSE Simulation will design, implement and manage customized turnkey setups for the entire ATC training infrastructure – including 360° 3D visual displays, IT systems and consoles for tower and radar working positions.
ROSE Simulation is the creator of the AIR Suite, a fully integrated
set of ATC training solutions, notably the AMOS Tower Simulator, the IRIS VoiceCom System and the ROSE Radar Simulator. These can be complemented by the ELSA Electronic Flight Strip Application and the MILA Lighting System.
All products are operational in any combination with each other,
due to a modular programming based on one source, one standard, and full compatibility. They also run as independent applications, either adding to existing training products or working as stand-alone solutions.
As a principle, the simulators include all necessary editors within one single application. This provides the opportunity to evaluate and
run any changes in the data preparation at the very moment the edit is executed. No compilation and data transfer is required.
The product suite allows for simultaneous Tower
and Radar training in which traffic is handed over seamlessly between the simulators. The innovative product design enables an adaptive and flexible setup and operation within almost any system environment and physical space available.
AMOS Tower Simulator
Full-scale 3D simulator with built-in editors for airport and exercise design.
IRIS VoiceCom System
Independent VCS with fully customizable layout and multi-audio options.
ROSE Radar Simulator
Multi-scenario simulator with autopilot feature and unique debriefing tool. Easily adaptable to any operational system.
ELSA Electronic Strips Application
PID-based paper strip simulator with integrated strip type and strip bay editors.
MILA Lighting Application
TID-based control panel with multi-interface design to simulate any aerodrome lighting system.

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