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 UFA, INC.  80 Blanchard Road, Suite 200 Burlington, MA 01803 USA COMPANY DESCRIPTION /company/ufa-inc    UFA, Inc. (UFA) supplies Air Traffic and Airport simula- tion and voice recognition technologies to the world’s leading ANSPs, airports, and militaries, including the FAA, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung/Germany, DSNA/ France, skyguide/Switzerland, CAAS/Singapore, CAD Hong Kong, NAV CANADA, the US Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force, German Air Force, and many other ANSPs and militaries. Our team at UFA consists of controllers, instructors, pilots, engineers, and technicians with extensive experience in air traffic control (ATC), aviation, and engineering. Our award-winning products and services are designed to support ATC training, apron management, airside driver training, and ATM systems development and research. Our products integrate high-fidelity simulations, part-task training, and virtual learning tools to support simulations on all aspects of ATC and airport operations. UFA is a pioneer in providing on demand training software over the cloud – including our highest fidelity ATTower® and ATCoach® tower and radar simulators and our ATVoice® Voice Recognition and Response system. Our systems can be flexibly licensed and deployed to provide our customers unparallel return on their technology investments. PRODUCTS/SERVICES TRAINING SERVICES PROVIDED Benefits to customers include: • Training on customized fixed training systems, replicating customer operations • Remote, cloud-based training for individuals and connected multi-site learning • Individual Theory and Phraseology self-learning with VRR and instant assessment • Training of new controllers through certification • Familiarization, refresher, and emergency training for experienced controllers • Combined air traffic controller/pilot training • Concept and requirements development through prototyping • Test tool throughout the ATM system development lifecycle • Embedded performance verification of deployed systems • Airspace/airport modeling and evaluation of new procedures •ATM, unmanned traffic management (UTM), and other research and development initiatives UFA PRODUCTS INCLUDE: ATCoach® - standalone and embedded radar simulator for enroute, terminal, and precision approaches ATTower® - apron, tower, and approach simulator ATVoice® - speaker independent voice recognition and response solution ATRadio® - voice communication systems in an ATC environment ATCloudTM - anytime, anywhere part-task training ATC learning environment designed for mobile systems ATVehicle® - highly scalable simulator for airside driving training ATLIVETM - interactive, multi-touch solution for classroom training THE UFA COMMUNITY We have a strong commitment to product innovation and our active user community benefits from shared system developments and enhancements. UFA LOCATIONS Headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA, with European headquarters in Kaufbeuren, Germany, UFA has additional offices in Washington, D.C., Mainz, Germany, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, and Singapore.  76 WORLD ATM DIRECTORY & ANSP REPORT 2023 

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