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 80 Blanchard Road, Suite 200 Burlington, MA 01803
    For over 40 years, UFA, Inc. (UFA) has specialized in developing and delivering simulation and voice technologies to the Air Traffic Management (ATM) market. UFA provides innovative products and the highest quality customer service to air navigation service providers (ANSPs), airport operators, militaries, and educational institutions worldwide.
UFA’s global customers include DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung/Germany, DSNA/France, Fintraffic/Finland, CAAS/Singapore, CAD Hong Kong, and NAV CANADA among other ANSP organizations. In the U.S., the FAA Terminal (STARS), Tower (TFDM), and En Route (ERAM) programs, the U.S. military, and top-tier colleges and universities count on UFA’s products and services.
Headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA, UFA maintains additional offices near Washington, D.C., in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, and in Singapore. UFA also operates a wholly owned subsidiary, ATCSim GmbH in Germany, with offices in Mainz and Kaufbeuren. The fully equipped ATCSim Innovation Center in Kaufbeuren supports the training of European customers.
UFA boasts a staff with extensive engineering, ATC and aviation experience, including controllers, technicians, instructors, engineers, and pilots. All UFA employees are focused on delivering and supporting the premier ATC simulation and Voice Recognition technology to customers around the world. .
UFA’s award-winning products and services are tailor- made to support Air Traffic Control (ATC) training, apron management, airside driver training, and ATM system development and research. Our products integrate high- fidelity simulation, part- task training, and virtual learning tools to support simulation on all aspects of ATC and airport operations. Customer benefits include:
• Concept and requirement development through prototyping
• Test tool throughout the ATM system development lifecycle
• Embedded performance verification of fielded operational systems
• Training of new controllers through certification • Familiarization, refresher, and emergency training
for experienced controllers
• Combined air traffic controller/pilot training
• Airspace/airport modeling and new procedure evaluation • ATM and unmanned traffic management (UTM) research
and development
ATCoach® - standalone and embedded radar simulator for en route, terminal, and precision approach
ATTower® - apron, tower, and approach simulator ATView® - image generator with photo-realistic 3D visuals ATVoice® - speaker independent voice recognition and
response for simulation control
ATRadio® - simulated voice communication system ATSpeakTM - part-task trainer for ATC, pilot, and airside driver phraseology and skills
ATWorldTM - Simulated ATC environment (SATCE) that integrates with cockpit and flight simulators
ATCloudTM - online ATC learning platform that enables anytime, anywhere part-task training
ATVehicle® - highly scalable simulator for airside driving training
ATLIVETM - interactive multi-touch training product for airports and ATC
Virtual SimCenter - UFA’s traditionally fix-based simulation products remotely accessible in virtual simulation “labs”

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