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   Skysoft ATM Miguel Da Silva
+41 (0) 22 417 47 70
Route de Pré-Bois 17 CH-1215 Geneva Switzerland
The moment you take control of SkySoft-ATM solutions you’ll realize you see the sky in a new light.
With SkySoft’s innovative approach, powerful technical solutions and human performance now complement each other eloquently.
Our extensive range of solutions are specifically designed to provide the highest quality systems to air traffic management.
We are, for instance, one of the market leaders in recording solutions and we have successfully designed and deployed the largest screen recording projects.
Our SkyRec technology is currently recording thousands of screens, keyboards and mice as well a radar and voice channels around the globe.
Nearly 30 countries around the globe are already benefitting from the design and implementation of our software design, development and integration as well as our project and product management.
We maintain a close cooperation with our clients to develop customized solutions with user friendliness and flexibility core features of our philosophy.
At the same time, we respect continuity and valuable existing know- how.
SkyRec Solution (Legal Recording)
An efficient Recording Solution is essential to most ANSPs for Legal Recording, Post incident analysis, training purposes or technical investigation.
SkyRec solution is a leading-edge ATM Data recording solution with impressive implementation references.
SkyRec Blackbox:
A high performance hardware-based multimedia recording tool.
SkyRec Video Software Edition:
Pure software lossless video,serial and audio recording. SkyRec Radar & Data recording:
Through the wall Radar and other ATC Data capture for legal purposes.
SkyRec Replay:
Synchronously replays all recorded data to perform analysis or training activities.
Prepare and run your customized simulation
Are you planning to restructure your Airspace? Are you about delivering
ATCO Training?
SKYSIM offers a very realistic aircraft behavior, it can be used as a procedure planning tool.
New routes and flow of traffic may be simulated in a matter of minutes.
SKYSIM is a user friendly assistant for airspace and sector changes to train operational staff be airspace changes become valid in real life.
• Basic training
• Real Time simulation
• Procedure & Airspace Design
• System Testing & Evolution
It’s innovate user interface was developed in close collaboration with active controllers.
The first open source professional ATC HMI
Albatross Display is an open source Air Traffic Control Human Machine Interface (HMI) to provide the controller with precise visualization of airspace. Albatross Display is the result of SkySoft-ATM operational expertise in ATC. Best of breed new features ensure improved safety, ease of use and productivity.
Consulting Services:
Reach new heights with SkySoft-ATM Consulting Services.
Our consulting experts call upon an extensive network of resources to provide you with a technical and project management expertise in the whole range of ATM systems that we develop and maintain.

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