Page 79 - World ATM Directory & ANSP Report 2020
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   VoiceCollect Sven Bruns
+49 6172 92 333 17
Justus-von-Liebig-Str. 5 61352 Bad Homburg Germany
VoiceCollect GmbH took over the products from ATIS UHER SA, Switzerland and takes care of further development and maintenance of the solutions.
VoiceCollect GmbH is a privately owned, independent company.
Besides the headquarters in Bad Homburg – Germany VoiceCollect GmbH operates a service office in Indonesia.
Professional Voice & Data Recording & Replay sy- stems with ED137 and TDM compatible interfaces.
Field-proven solutions for Legal Recording, Ambient/ Background Recording, Archiving and Evaluation.
The products are marketed worldwide under the VoiceCollect brand.
The main markets of VoiceCollect are Air Navigation Service Providers, Airports, Public Safety, Utilities and Transportation. The VoiceCollect brand is a worldwide registered trademark.
Hundreds of VoiceCollect VRS are in service worldwide at ANSP Tower and Centre sites.
Deployment and commissioning, product trainings, after-sales-services and SLAs are offered by VoiceCollect or our appointed partners.
VoiceCollect stands as your qualified point of contact for all your recording needs, from mobile applications like command and control trucks to regional and international airports or emergency dispatch centres up to complex solutions with geo-redundancy on virtual systems.

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