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   Si ATM Stockholm, Sweden
Stefan Matts
+46 8 982 300
Taking off - Si ATM is ATM software specialist and system supplier since 1981. We participated in the development of innovatory systems back in 1980s in Sweden and Russia and were the first in Europe to have operational MTCD.
Cruising high - Today, we offer mature ATM products for global market opportunity with the aim to support ATC operations, training institutes, traffic optimization and process modernization. Si ATM stands in the international frontline as regards ATM products and is the first to embrace new industry insights, because we can easily adapt while our products are highly modular.
Mission - Using our well-proven methodology and extensive know-how we deliver cost-effective ATM products achieving low-risk development and implementation while meeting customer expectations. Instead of baseline products, we deliver completely custom designed product.
Work smarter with us - Make your full nation-wide automated ATC system that is proven and reliable. Our off-the-shelf products will help you utilize sophisticated processes making your operations more efficient, secure and safer. Our products’ functionalities comply with ICAO and SES regulation and SESAR strategy and handle any size and traffic loads of airspace by means of distributed processing with modern computing technology.
Complete advanced operational system, ATMSys Contingency, test and development system, FBS High fidelity combined ATM simulator, CSim
3D Tower gate-to-gate simulator, TSim
Arrival Manager, AMAN
Departure Manager, DMAN
Autonomous Flight Plan Data Processing, FDPSys Autonomous Surveillance Data Processing, SDPSys Flight information display systems, DA4FIDS Artificial intelligence pilot system, VRS
Saudi Arabia: Combined radar operator and 3D tower gate-to-gate simulator
Singapore: Advanced radar operator simulator with Artificial intelligence pilot system
Hong Kong: Contingency, test & development system Sweden: ATM system for 15 towers and 2 ACC Russia: Complete advanced operational ATM system Bahrain Airport: Flight Plan Data Processing
Latvia: Complete ATM system,ATM and 3D simulator Pakistan: Complete ATM system, Contingency, test and development system, and ATM simulator Mongolia: ATM tower system
Czech Republic: Surveillance Data Processing, Multi sensor tracker and Backup system for ARTAS
Serbia: Contingency, test and development system Croatia: Contingency, test and development system Moldavia: Complete ATM system, ATM and 3D tower gate-to-gate simulator
Indonesia: CPDLC simulator

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